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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2015A Periodic Bivariate Integer-Valued Autoregressive Model: International Conference and Advanced School Planet Earth, DGS II, Portugal, August 28–September 6, 2013Monteiro, Magda; Pereira, Isabel; Scotto, Manuel G.bookPartopenAccess
2015Citizens’ engagement using communication technologiesFedotova, Olga; Teixeira, Leonor; Alvelos, HelenabookPartrestrictedAccess
2015Goal setting for cerebral palsy children in context therapy: improve reliability when linking to ICFAlvarelhão, Joaquim; Queirós, Alexandra; Sá-Couto, Pedro; Rocha, Nelson PachecoarticleopenAccess
2015The alternating least-squares algorithm for CDPCAMacedo, E.; Freitas, A.bookPartopenAccess
Jul-2015The Moodle platform: a study in a higher education portuguese institutionCosta, Carolina; Alvelos, Helena; Teixeira, LeonorbookPartrestrictedAccess
2015Independência funcional de pessoas idosas com perturbações mentais: um estudo num serviço de psicogeriatria em PortugalBrandão, Maria Piedade; Gonçalves, Joana; Sá-Couto, Pedro; Sousa, LilianaarticleopenAccess
15-Jul-2015Injectability of calcium phosphate pastes: effects of particle size and state of aggregation of beta-tricalcium phosphate powdersTorres, P. M. C.; Gouveia, Sónia; Olhero, S.; Kaushal, A.; Ferreira, J. M. F.articlerestrictedAccess
2015Self-reported disability: association with lower extremity performance and other determinants in older adults attending primary careSilva, Anabela Gonçalves; Queirós, Alexandra; Sá-Couto, Pedro; Rocha, Nelson PachecoarticlerestrictedAccess
1-Jul-2015Integer-valued APARCH processes in the analysis of time series of countsCosta, Maria Conceição; Pereira, Isabel; Scotto, Manuel GonzalezconferenceObjectopenAccess
2015A new frontier approach to model the eco-efficiency in European countriesRobaina-Alves, Margarita; Moutinho, Victor; Macedo, PedroarticleopenAccess
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