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Title: Influence of prior content exploitation via the m@t educate with success platform in student learning
Author: Araújo, Isabel
Cabrita, Isabel
Keywords: Virtual Learning Environments
Platform M@t-educate with success
Higher Education
Mathematics Learning
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: IATED
Abstract: Institutions of higher education driven by contemporary society, influenced by constant technological, social, political and economic changes, have as main mission is to prepare citizens able to meet the demands of this society. In this sense, educational contexts should be more focused on student learning, promoting more autonomous and more active citizens. Current technologies, especially online, constitute an asset in pursuit of these objectives. Several studies point to the importance of online environments in students' learning process as well as enable them to make the management of both learning mechanisms in formal and informal context, allowing them to develop skills of autonomy. One area that can most benefit from these environments is mathematics that, despite its importance, continues to merit the concern of various entities by being one of the generators of educational and academic failure. This study aims to evaluate the influence of previous exploration of mathematical content, before being covered in the classroom by M@T-educate with success platform in the development of mathematical knowledge and skills, autonomy and interest in this area amongst higher education students. The study took place in the course of Calculus from the Degree in Management from a Portuguese polytechnic institution. Methodologically we opted for a mixed research approach and designed a case study, since it allows to study, in detail, a particular problem. Various techniques of data collection were used, such as, inquiry, observation and document analysis, supported by various instruments. Data statistical and content analysis allows to conclude that the prior exploration of content through the platform contributes mainly to the development of autonomy and the ability to apply the knowledge produced to solve tasks of different nature.
Peer review: yes
ISBN: 978-84-617-0557-3
ISSN: 2340-1117
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