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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
1-May-2018Toxic effects multi-walled carbon nanotubes on bivalves: comparison between of functionalized and non-functionalized nanoparticlesDe Marchi, Lucia; Neto, Victor; Pretti, Carlo; Figueira, Etelvina; Chiellini, Federica; Morelli, Andrea; Soares, Amadeu M. V. M.; Freitas, RosaarticlerestrictedAccess
Apr-2018Effects of carbamazepine and cetirizine under an ocean acidification scenario on the biochemical and transcriptome responses of the clam Ruditapes philippinarumAlmeida, Ângela; Freitas, Rosa; Calisto, Vânia; Esteves, Valdemar I.; Schneider, Rudolf J.; Soares, Amadeu M. V. M.; Figueira, Etelvina; Campos, Bruno; Barata, CarlosarticlerestrictedAccess
2018Native and exotic oysters in Brazil: comparative tolerance to hypercapniaMoreira, Anthony; Figueira, Etelvina; Pecora, Iracy L.; Soares, Amadeu M. V. M.; Freitas, RosaarticlerestrictedAccess
Jan-2018Biochemical responses and accumulation patterns of Mytilus galloprovincialis exposed to thermal stress and Arsenic contaminationCoppola, Francesca; Almeida, Ângela; Henriques, Bruno; Soares, Amadeu M. V. M; Figueira, Etelvina; Pereira, Eduarda; Freitas, RosaarticlerestrictedAccess
Jan-2018Combined effects of arsenic, salinity and temperature on Crassostrea gigas embryotoxicityMoreira, Anthony; Freitas, Rosa; Figueira, Etelvina; Amadeu M. V. M. Soares; Ghirardini, Annamaria Volpi; Radaelli, Marta; Guida, Marco; Libralato, GiovanniarticlerestrictedAccess
Oct-2018Trematode infection modulates cockles biochemical response to climate changeMagalhães, Luísa; Montaudouin, Xavier de; Figueira, Etelvina; Freitas, RosaarticlerestrictedAccess
2018Are the impacts of carbon nanotubes enhanced in Mytilus galloprovincialis submitted to air exposure?Andrade, Madalena; De Marchi, Lucia; Pretti, Carlo; Chiellini, Federica; Morelli, Andrea; Soares, Amadeu M. V. M.; Rocha, Rui J. M.; Figueira, Etelvina; Freitas, RosaarticleopenAccess
Sep-2018Comparative sensitivity of Crassostrea angulata and Crassostrea gigas embryo-larval development to As under varying salinity and temperatureMoreira, Anthony; Figueira, Etelvina; Libralato, Giovanni; Soares, Amadeu M. V. M.; Guida, Marco; Freitas, RosaarticleopenAccess
Jan-2018Metals and As content in sediments and Manila clam Ruditapes philippinarum in the Tagus estuary (Portugal): impacts and risk for human consumptionChiesa, Stefania; Chainho, Paula; Figueira, Etelvina; Soares, Amadeu M. V. M.; Freitas, RosaarticlerestrictedAccess
Sep-2018Biogeochemical dynamics and bioaccumulation processes in Manila clam: implications for biodiversity and ecosystem services in the Ria de Aveiro LagoonBreda, Silvia; Chiesa, Stefania; Freitas, Rosa; Figueira, Etelvina; Becherini, Francesca; Gobbo, Lorena; Soares, Amadeu M. V. M.; Argese, EmanuelearticleopenAccess
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