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Title: The Static Maxwell System in Three Dimensional Axially Symmetric Inhomogeneous Media and Axially Symmetric Generalization of the Cauchy–Riemann System
Author: Bryukhov, Dmitry
Kähler, Uwe
Keywords: Inhomogeneous media; Reduced quaternionic variable; Slice-monogenic functions; Bessel equation
Issue Date: Jun-2017
Publisher: Birkhaeuser
Abstract: In this paper we discuss different generalizations of the Cauchy–Riemann system and their connection with the static Maxwell system. In particular, this allows us to present relations between slice-monogenic functions and hypermonogenic functions, as well as to provide a physical interpretation of slice-monogenic functions. Furthermore, we present an explicit and complete set of basic solutions of a new class of axial-hypermonogenic functions in R^3. In the end we determine the symmetry operators for the class of axial-hypermonogenic functions.
Peer review: yes
DOI: doi:10.1007/s00006-016-0739-x
ISSN: 0188-7009
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