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22-Dec-2022The impact of vaccination on transmission and death by COVID-19: an observational study in Portugal’s biggest primary care clusterTedim, Sofia; Sá, R.; Pinho-Bandeira, Tiago; Leitão, Rui Pedro; Silva, Cristiana; Pinheiro, Sofia J.; Afreixo, Vera; Oliveira, AnaarticleopenAccess
20-Jul-2022(Dis)similarities of primary health care indicators, a special case of USF Arte NovaCardoso, Catarina; Silva, Cristina J.; Monteiro, Magda; Antunes, José Pedro; Afreixo, VeraarticleopenAccess
20-Jul-2022Antimicrobial susceptibility profile of bacteria associated with urinary tract infections in Aveiro, 2021Rodrigues, Leonor; Rocha, Miriam; Nunes, Ana Rute; Raposo, Teresa; Afreixo, VeraarticleopenAccess
22-Dec-2022Effects of temperature and mobility on COVID-19 incidenceRocha, Vanusa; Afreixo, Vera; Sousa, Nelson Fortuna dearticleopenAccess
20-Jul-2022Assessment of the stability of a procedure for variables selection in high dimensionality data: an application to genomic data - Alzheimer’s diseaseRodrigues, Leonor; Cabral, Jorge; Tavares, Ana H.; Enes, Vera; Pinheiro, Miguel; Moura, Gabriela; Afreixo, VeraarticleopenAccess
20-Jul-2022The impact of Intensive Care Unit admission, sex and vaccination on COVID-19 deathCardoso, Catarina; Mineiro, Maria F.; Gomes, Matilde; Oliveira, Natacha; Leitão, Rui P.; Afreixo, VeraarticleopenAccess
19-Jul-2022Exploratory analysis based on relative risk on the incidence of different causes of death in mortality in the region of AveiroAlmeida, Diana L.; Rodrigues, Renato S.; Leitão, Rui P.; Pereira, Tânia I.; Afreixo, VeraarticleopenAccess
20-Jul-2022Features related to respiratory disability and performance of inhaler technique in COPD populationMarques, Sérgio; Mendes, Zilda; Romano, Sónia; Afreixo, Vera; Rodrigues, António T.articleopenAccess
Oct-2020Does induction of labor at term increase the risk of cesarean section in advanced maternal age? A systematic review and meta-analysisFonseca, Maria João; Santos, Fernanda; Afreixo, Vera; Silva, Isabel Santos; Almeida, Maria do CéuarticleopenAccess
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