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Title: Harmonic analysis on the proper velocity gyrogroup
Author: Ferreira, Milton
Keywords: PV gyrogroup
Laplace Beltrami operator
Generalized Helgason-Fourier transform
Plancherel's Theorem
Issue Date: Jan-2017
Publisher: Duke University Press
Abstract: In this paper we study harmonic analysis on the Proper Velocity (PV) gyrogroup using the gyrolanguage of analytic hyperbolic geometry. PV addition is the relativistic addition of proper velocities in special relativity and it is related with the hyperboloid model of hyperbolic geometry. The generalized harmonic analysis depends on a complex parameter $z$ and on the radius $t$ of the hyperboloid and comprises the study of the generalized translation operator, the associated convolution operator, the generalized Laplace-Beltrami operator and its eigenfunctions, the generalized Poisson transform and its inverse, the generalized Helgason-Fourier transform, its inverse and Plancherel's Theorem. In the limit of large $t,$ $t \rightarrow +\infty,$ the generalized harmonic analysis on the hyperboloid tends to the standard Euclidean harmonic analysis on ${\mathbb R}^n,$ thus unifying hyperbolic and Euclidean harmonic analysis.
Description: Revista sem período de embargo.
Peer review: yes
ISSN: 1735-8787
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