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1-Aug-2017Consumer LED Lamp with ODAC Technology for High-Speed Visible Light CommunicationsFigueiredo, Mónica; Ribeiro, Carlos; Dobesch, Ales; Alves, Luis Nero; Wilfert, OtakararticlerestrictedAccess
11-May-2017Optical digital to analog conversion performance analysis for indoor set-up conditionsDobesch, Ales; Alves, Luis Nero; Wilfert, Otakar; Ribeiro, Carlos GaspararticlerestrictedAccess
22-Sep-2017Lighting the Wireless WorldFigueiredo, Mónica; Alves, Luis Nero; Ribeiro, Carlos GaspararticlerestrictedAccess
27-Jun-2017Measuring Torque and Temperature in a Rotating Shaft Using Commercial SAW SensorsSilva, Diogo; Mendes, Joana Catarina; Pereira, António Bastos; Gégot, François; Alves, Luis NeroarticleopenAccess
1-Jun-2017Performance Analysis of 8-bit ODACs for VLC ApplicationsDobesch, Ales; Figueiredo, Mónica; Alves, Luis Nero; Wilfert, OtakararticleopenAccess
6-Jun-2017Transdermal Optical CommunicationsFaria, Manuel; Alves, Luis Nero; André, PaulobookPartrestrictedAccess
6-Jun-2017Lighting and communications: devices, systemsAlves, Luis Nero; Rodrigues, Luis; Cura, José LuisbookPartrestrictedAccess
6-Jun-2017Visible Light Communications: Theory and ApplicationsGhassemlooy, Zabih; Alves, Luis Nero; Zvanovec, Stanislav; Ali-Khalighi, MohammadbookrestrictedAccess
21-May-2017Thermal analysis of high power LEDsKyatam, Shusmitha; Camacho, Pedro; Alves, Luis Nero; Mendes, Joana CatarinaconferenceObjectopenAccess
21-May-2017Diamond-SiC Heterojunctions - the influence of methane ratio on the electrical behavior of CVD diamondMukherjee, Debarati; Neto, Miguel A.; Alves, Luis Nero; Mendes, Joana CatarinaconferenceObjectopenAccess
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