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Title: Nonlinear periodic problems with a jumping reaction
Author: Aizicovici, Sergiu
Papageorgiou, Nikolaos S.
Staicu, Vasile
Keywords: Scalar p-Laplacian
Double resonance
Critical groups
Multiple solutions
Issue Date: 21-Dec-2015
Publisher: American Romanian Academy of Arts and Sciences
Abstract: We consider a periodic problem driven by the scalar $p-$Laplacian and with a jumping (asymmetric) reaction. We prove two multiplicity theorems. The first concerns the nonlinear problem ($1<p<\infty$) and produces two nontrivial solutions. The second is for the semilinear problem ($p=2$) and produces three solutions. The tools of our analysis are variational and Morse theoretic.
Peer review: yes
ISSN: 0278-5307
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