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Title: Boost Software Business Products with Hybrid Development
Author: Oliveira, Miguel
Jesus, Rui
Keywords: Software, Hybrid, Native, Development, Mobile
Issue Date: 1-Aug-2016
Publisher: Editorial Advisory Board
Abstract: This paper presents how new paradigms and methodologies for software development are changing rapidly in the last two years. In the current scenario where we live on, occurs a transition that, although slight, reflects the rapid manner in which the software production paradigms are reinvented due to the change of display devices and interaction with the end user. Studies indicate that in 2013 was the turn out of the internet access domain for mobile devices over the traditional desktop device, which is currently at around 60% mobile, against 40% desktop. This field will tend to grow in the coming years and it is expected that the use of internet for a desktop terminal tends to be less each day (comScore). In this context, the software industry has been re-invented and updated with respect to technologies that promote software and mobile applications, building products capable of responding to the user market. The development of software products, such as applications, must be put into production for different user environments, such as Web, iOS and Android in a way to enhance efficiency, optimization and productivity in the software development cycle (Langer, Arthur M.).
Peer review: yes
ISSN: 1813-5498
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