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Title: 2.2 eV luminescence in GaN
Author: Hofmann, D. M.
Kovalev, D.
Steude, G.
Volm, D.
Meyer, B. K.
Xavier, C.
Monteiro, T.
Pereira, E.
Mokov, E. N.
Amano, H.
Akasaki, I.
Keywords: Crystal defects
Epitaxial growth
Magnetic resonance
Mathematical models
Metallorganic vapor phase epitaxy
Silicon carbide
Issue Date: 1996
Publisher: Materials Research Society
Abstract: The yellow Luminescence in GaN centered at 2.2 eV has been studied in various epitaxial layers grown by MOVPE on sapphire and by the sandwich sublimation method on 6H-SiC substrates. The photoluminescence and optically detected magnetic resonance results can be consistently explained by a recombination model involving shallow donors and deep donors.
Peer review: yes
DOI: 10.1557/PROC-395-619
ISSN: 0272-9172
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