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dc.contributor.authorFranqueira, Teresapt
dc.contributor.authorGomes, Gonçalopt
dc.contributor.authorGonçalves, Sarapt
dc.description.abstractThis paper aims to show a project carried out by a student of the Design Master’s at Universidade de Aveiro, which consists of a Food Diary supported by a ludic and pedagogical kit implemented in 1st grade schools. Western lifestyles have had several consequences in Public Health, particularly in children’s diets. With this project we intended to demonstrate the role of design in the development of a social project, in its ability to design in a participatory way and in its ability to change behaviours, in particular, children’s food behaviours. The methodology applied has its roots in participatory design, thus the conceptual process was undertaken collaboratively with a diverse team of professionals, several institutions in the region and the children themselves, being the designer a mediator between their different contributions. In its results, we would like to highlight the positive impact of this project in the children involved, who through the Kit’s usage, became aware of the unhealthy diet available to them, both at school and at home, and started demanding from their parents’ and the schools cooks’ healthier alternatives. It is our belief that this project could be implemented as a public service, in health or education
dc.publisherİzmir University of Economicspt
dc.subjectService designpt
dc.subjectParticipatory designpt
dc.titleParticipatory design in children’s diet: strategies to design public servicespt
ua.event.date26-28 april, 2012pt
degois.publication.locationİzmir, Türkiyept
degois.publication.titleAgrindustrial Design: 2nd International Product and Service Design Congress and Exhibition on Agricultural Industries - Mediterranean/Food/Design: Proceedingspt
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