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Title: Telling stories with digital technologies in corporative training context
Author: Hack, Josias Ricardo
Ramos, Fernando
Santos, Arnaldo
Keywords: Digital Storytelling
Digital technologies
Corporative training
Issue Date: Mar-2012
Publisher: Universidade de Valência
Abstract: The art of telling stories in digital format is currently widely available due to the popularization of digital cameras, computers and other mobile devices. In this paper we discuss the use of collaborative learning strategies based on Digital Storytelling in corporative training. The text includes a concise review on theoretical and technical foundations about educational communication through the use of audiovisual products based on disciplines such as Communication, Education and Cognitive Sciences. We will also discuss how Digital Storytelling may be integrated in traditional contents oriented self-training systems, used by many corporations. However the main focus will be the discussion of the potential of the use of Digital Storytelling methodology in corporative training context which will be detailed based on data collected in scenarios from Portugal and Brazil. The paper is based on qualitative research and it will argue that digital storytelling may contribute to the improvement of the effectiveness of collaborative learning processes in corporative training, because it provides means for the swift delivery of highly contextualized learning materials and the sharing of relevant personal trainers and trainees’ experiences. Furthermore, Digital Storytelling methodology provides an opportunity to value, respect and promote the multiple and different cultural and social interactions in the corporative knowledge construction process. The research methodology adopted on this study involved three phases: 1) literature review; 2) detailed analysis of the digital Storytelling methodology and its implications in corporative training context; 3) collecting data from and discussing about some corporative cases in Portugal and Brazil. The result of the research aims at suggesting a critical analysis and creative attitude in the production of audiovisual teaching materials for the corporative training context.
Peer review: yes
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