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dc.contributor.authorJoão, Aliciapt
dc.contributor.authorSilva, Adãopt
dc.contributor.authorDinis, Ruipt
dc.contributor.authorAssunção, Josépt
dc.contributor.authorGameiro, Atíliopt
dc.description.abstractInterference alignment (IA) is a promising technique that allows high capacity gains in interfering channels. On the other hand, iterative frequency-domain detection receivers based on the IB-DFE concept (Iterative Block Decision Feedback Equalization) can efficiently exploit the inherent space-frequency diversity of the MIMO MC-CDMA systems. In this paper we design a joint iterative IA precoding at the transmitter with IB-DFE successive interference cancellation (SIC) based receiver structure for MC-CDMA systems. The receiver is designed in two steps: first a linear filter is used to mitigate the inter-user aligned interference, and then an iterative frequency-domain receiver is designed to efficiently separate the spatial streams in the presence of residual inter-user aligned interference at the output of the filter. Our scheme achieves the maximum degrees of freedom provided by the IA precoding, while allowing an almost optimum space-diversity gain, with performance close to the matched filter bound (MFB).pt
dc.relationFCT - COPWIN (PTDC/EEI- TEL/1417/2012)pt
dc.relationFCT - ADIN (PTDC/EEI-TEL/2990/2012)pt
dc.relationFCT - HETCOP (PEst-OE/EEI/LA0008/2013)pt
dc.subjectInterference alignmentpt
dc.subjectInterference channelspt
dc.subjectIterative block equalizationpt
dc.subjectMC-CDMA systemspt
dc.titleIB-DFE SIC based Receiver Structure for IA-Precoded MC-CDMA Systemspt
ua.publicationstatusin publicationpt
ua.event.date1-5 setembro, 2014pt
degois.publication.titleEuropean Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO 2014)pt
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