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dc.contributor.authorLarat, Emmanuelpt
dc.contributor.authorAvotins, Ansispt
dc.contributor.authorAlves, Luis Neropt
dc.contributor.authorZissis, Georgespt
dc.contributor.authorKapenieks, Atispt
dc.contributor.authorKapenieks, Janispt
dc.contributor.authorZuga, Brunopt
dc.description.abstractThis document describes work that has been accomplished in Deliverable 3.2. in WP3 of the LITES project (Grant agreement no. 238916). The LITES project was started in December 2009, and after prolongation its duration is 60 months (including 10 months suspension period) . This Deliverable is part of Task 3.1. “On - site qualification of pilots”. The objective of this task is to collect local topographical data for each Pilot Site, current yearly energy consumption, and other technical data, in order to write specifications for the preparation of infrastructure of pilot sites before installing the luminaries. Write specification and requirement for pilot sites’ infrastructure preparation (noting that infrastructure preparation is under responsibility of the pilot sites and off - project budget).pt
dc.relationEC/CIP-ICT-PSP 238916pt
dc.subjectProjecto LITES CIP-ICT-PSP 238916pt
dc.titleD3.2. Specifications & requirements for sites infrastructurept
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