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Title: D3.1. Computerised simulations of the lightings of sites
Author: Larat, Emmanuel
Lafaye, Sebastien
Avotins, Ansis
Kapenieks, Atis
Kapenieks, Janis
Zuga, Bruno
Alves, Luis Nero
Zissis, Georges
Keywords: Projecto LITES CIP-ICT-PSP 238916
Issue Date: 20-Jan-2013
Abstract: This document describes work that has been accomplished in Deliverable 3.1. in WP3 of the LITES project (Grant agreement no. 238916). The LITES project was started in December 2009, and after prolongation its duration is 60 months (including 10 months suspension period). This Deliverable is part of Task 3.1. “On-site qualification of pilots”. The objective of this task is to collect local topographical data for each Pilot Site, current annual energy consumption, and other technical data, in order to write specifications for the preparation of infrastructure of pilot sites (Deliverable 3.2) before installing the luminaries. Detailed Pilot Site computerised simulations were one on LITES Pilot Site Projects. The simulation results are encouraging, as they clearly show LITES luminaires provide light output of much higher quality compared to existing HPS lamps, as well as lighting uniformity is improved. The total energy consumption will be decreased replacing existing HPS luminaires with LED. With implementation of sensors and dimming capabilities we can get even more energy savings. Pilot Site in Piaseczno was not included in this document since the partners did not provide the information on This deliverable will be resubmitted as soon the information on LITES site in Piaseczno municipality will be received.
Peer review: yes
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