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Title: Relation between bacterial activity in the surface microlayer and estuarine hydrodynamics
Author: Santos, L.
Santos, A. L.
Coelho, F.
Gomes, N. C. M.
Dias, J. M.
Cunha, A.
Almeida, A.
Keywords: Surface microlayer
Bacterial biomass productivity
Hydrodynamic mode
Ria de Aveiro
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Wiley
Abstract: Bacterial communities of the surface microlayer (SML) of the estuary Ria de Aveiro (Portugal) were characterized in terms of abundance and activity during a 2-year survey at two sites with distinct hydrodynamic properties (marine and brackish water zones). The hydrodynamic conditions were simulated using a bidimensional numerical model and related to the microbiological observations. The pattern of variation of bacterial biomass productivity (BBP) was distinct between the two sampling sites. At the outer site, BBP was significantly lower at the SML, whereas at the inner site, it was significantly enhanced at the SML. Although the total bacterial abundance was similar in the SML and underlying water (UW), the fraction of cells attached to particles was significantly higher at the SML (two to three times). The integration of microbiological results with environmental and hydrological variables shows that strong currents in the marine zone promote the vertical mixing, inhibiting the establishment of an SML bacterial community distinct from that of UW. In contrast, in the brackish water zone, lower current velocities provide conditions for enhancing the bacterial activity in the enriched SML. Estuarine dynamics influence the distribution and activity of microorganisms at the SML and in the water column, with anticipated impacts for the carbon cycle in the estuarine environment.
Peer review: yes
DOI: 10.1111/j.1574-6941.2011.01147.x
ISSN: 1574-6941
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