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Title: Competitiveness of the tourism sector in Portugal: the case of Baixo Mondego and Baixo Vouga
Author: Bento, J. P.
Santos, Maria Madalena Pinto
Keywords: Tourism Economics
Destinations Competitiveness
Sustainable Development
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Universidade do Algarve - ESGHT
Abstract: Our main objective is to analyze how a great, diverse tourism offer in a quite limited geographic area, corresponding to the Baixo Mondego and Baixo Vouga, can make it more competitive. We propose to identify the territorial factors that can increase competitiveness of the tourism sector, both regionally and nationally. We intend to identify the region‟s most valued aspects by visitors, as well as its least praised ones; additionally, we will pinpoint existing and potential outbound travel markets, and identify those that are characterized by higher levels of wealth and touristic demand. A quantitative approach will be complemented by a qualitative analysis, based on interviews of entrepreneurial, academic and institutional entities. Deeper knowledge of the regional tourism sector will allow us to contribute to the adaptation of tourism oriented policies and strategies that would promote the role of tourism in the regional economical development. An economic impact analysis will assess the contribution of tourism activity on the region.
Peer review: yes
ISSN: 2182-8466
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