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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
8-Mar-2019Cytotoxicity profiling of deep eutectic solvents to human skin cellsMacário, I. P. E.; Oliveira, H.; Menezes, A. C.; Ventura, S. P. M.; Pereira, J. L.; Gonçalves, A. M. M.; Coutinho, J. A. P.; Gonçalves, F. J. M.articleopenAccess
17-Jan-2018Enhanced dissolution of ibuprofen using ionic liquids as catanionic hydrotropesSintra, T. E.; Shimizu, K.; Ventura, S. P. M.; Shimizu, S.; Canongia Lopes, J. N.; Coutinho, J. A. P.articlerestrictedAccess
2015Environmental safety of cholinium-based ionic liquids: assessing structure-ecotoxicity relationshipsSantos, J. I.; Goncalves, A. M. M.; Pereira, J. L.; Figueiredo, B. F. H. T.; e Silva, F. A.; Coutinho, J. A. P.; Ventura, S. P. M.; Goncalves, F.articlerestrictedAccess
2022Extraction and purification of phycobiliproteins from algae and their applicationsKovaleski, Gabriela; Kholany, Mariam; Dias, Lília M. S.; Correia, Sandra F. H.; Ferreira, R. A. S.; Coutinho, J. A. P.; Ventura, S. P. M.articleopenAccess
2018Extraction of value-added compounds from microalgaeVentura, S. P. M.; Nobre, B. P.; Ertekin, F.; Hayes, M.; Garciá-Vaquero, M.; Vieira, F.; Koc, M.; Gouveia, L.; Aires-Barros, M. R.; Palavra, A. M. F.bookPartrestrictedAccess
2011How to enhance the hydrophobic nature of ionic liquids while lowering their toxicity?Gonçalves, F.; Ventura, S. P. M.; Gonçalves, A. M. M.; Coutinho, J. A. P.articleopenAccess
2022Metabolic composition of the cyanobacterium Nostoc muscorum as a function of culture time: a 1H NMR metabolomics studyMacário, I. P. E.; Veloso, T.; Romão, J.; Gonçalves, F. J. M.; Pereira, J. L; Duarte, I. F.; Ventura, S. P. M.articleopenAccess
1-Nov-2020Neochloris oleoabundans biorefinery: Integration of cell disruption and purification steps using aqueous biphasic systems-based in surface-active ionic liquidsSuarez Ruiz, C. A.; Martins, M.; Coutinho, J. A. P.; Wijffels, R. H.; Eppink, M. H. M.; Berg, C. van den; Ventura, S. P. M.articlerestrictedAccess