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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
30-Nov-2016Acceptance of Moodle by professors: a study in a Portuguese Higher Education InstitutionCosta, Carolina; Alvelos, Helena; Teixeira, LeonorconferenceObjectopenAccess
2016Analysis and design of a project management information system: practical case in a consulting companyTeixeira, Leonor; Xambre, Ana Raquel; Figueiredo, João; Alvelos, HelenaarticleopenAccess
2019Analyzing the practices of knowledge sharing and collaboration considering faculty members and researchers: an empirical studyChedid, Marcello; Alvelos, Helena; Teixeira, LeonorbookPartrestrictedAccess
2018Characterization of knowledge sharing and collaboration practices in a portuguese university: an empirical studyChedid, Marcello; Alvelos, Helena; Teixeira, LeonorbookPartrestrictedAccess
2015Citizens’ engagement using communication technologiesFedotova, Olga; Teixeira, Leonor; Alvelos, HelenabookPartrestrictedAccess
2016A decision support system for the design of cellular manufacturing systems: database conceptualizationXambre, Ana Raquel; Teixeira, Leonor; Vilarinho, PedroarticleopenAccess
2014Designing a decision support system for tasting panelsTeixeira, Leonor; Ramos, Ana Luísa; Xambre, Ana Raquel; Alvelos, HelenaarticleopenAccess
2016Development of synchronized logistics scenariosTorres, Diamantino; Xambre, Ana Raquel; Teixeira, LeonorarticleopenAccess
17-Nov-2021Diversity of web accessibility in tourism: evidence based on a literature reviewTeixeira, Pedro; Eusébio, Celeste; Teixeira, LeonorarticlerestrictedAccess
1-Jan-2020Estarão as agências de viagens portuguesas preparadas para satisfazer o mercado do turismo acessível?Silveiro, André; Eusébio, Celeste; Teixeira, LeonorarticleopenAccess
2018Exploring the Usage of MOOCs in Higher Education InstitutionsCosta, Carolina; Teixeira, Leonor; Alvelos, HelenaarticleopenAccess
2020A Framework to Support Quality Data Mart Solutions: an approach developed based on practical casesMendes, A. R.; Teixeira, Leonor; Alvelos, HelenabookPartrestrictedAccess
Dec-2019Heterogeneidade na acessibilidade dos websites das Agências de Viagens: um estudo na Região Centro de PortugalSilveiro, André; Eusébio, Celeste; Teixeira, LeonorarticleopenAccess
1-Apr-2022How diverse is hotel website accessibility? A study in the central region of Portugal using web diagnostic toolsTeixeira, Pedro; Eusébio, Celeste; Teixeira, LeonorarticlerestrictedAccess
2018Identification of inefficiencies in a complaints handling processSantos, Miguel; Alvelos, Helena; Xambre, Ana Raquel; Teixeira, LeonorbookPartopenAccess
2022Individual factors affecting attitude toward knowledge sharing: an empirical study on a higher education institutionChedid, Marcello; Alvelos, Helena; Teixeira, LeonorarticlerestrictedAccess
2015Interface design for a sensory analysis decision support systemXambre, Ana Raquel; Ramos, Ana Luísa; Teixeira, Leonor; Filipe, Nelson; Alvelos, HelenaconferenceObjectopenAccess
Jun-2019Investigating the use and acceptance of technologies by professors in a higher education institutionCosta, Carolina; Alvelos, Helena; Teixeira, LeonorarticleopenAccess
Oct-2020Knowledge-sharing and collaborative behaviour: An empirical study on a Portuguese higher education institutionChedid, Marcello; Caldeira, Ana; Alvelos, Helena; Teixeira, LeonorarticlerestrictedAccess
Dec-2021Last-mile-as-a-service (LMaaS): an innovative concept for the disruption of the supply chainCorreia, Diogo; Teixeira, Leonor; Marques, João LourençoarticleembargoedAccess