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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
20-Mar-2021Environmental and energy performance of residual forest biomass for electricity generation: gasification vs. combustionBriones-Hidrovo, Andrei; Copa, José; Tarelho, Luís A.C.; Gonçalves, Cátia; Pacheco da Costa, Tamíris; Dias, Ana CláudiaarticleopenAccess
Jan-2021Optimization of FAME production from blends of waste cooking oil and refined palm oil using biomass fly ash as a catalystVargas, Edgar M.; Ospina, Lizeth; Neves, Márcia C.; Tarelho, Luís A.C.; Nunes, Maria I.articleopenAccess
10-Mar-2019Palm oil kernel shell as solid fuel for the commercial and industrial sector in Ecuador: tax incentive impact and performance of a prototype burnerHeredia Salgado, Mario A.; Tarelho, Luís A.C.; Matos, M. Arlindo A.; Rivadeneira, Daniel; Narváez C, Ricardo A.articleopenAccess
1-Sep-2020Scientometric analysis and scientific trends on biochar application as soil amendmentKamali, Mohammadreza; Jahaninafard, Dina; Mostafaie, Amid; Davarazar, Mahsa; Gomes, Ana Paula Duarte; Tarelho, Luís A.C.; Dewil, Raf; Aminabhavi, Tejraj M.articleopenAccess
1-Mar-2022Siderite/Concrete catalysts for H2-enriched gas production from biomass steam gasificationRuivo, Luis; Oliveira, Hortência; Gomes, Helena; Cruz, Nuno; Yaremchenko, Aleksey; Tarelho, Luís A.C.; Frade, JorgearticleembargoedAccess
1-Sep-2020Simultaneous production of biochar and thermal energy using palm oil residual biomass as feedstock in an auto-thermal prototype reactorHeredia Salgado, Mario A.; Coba S, Jonathan A.; Tarelho, Luís A.C.articleopenAccess
Jun-2019Solid catalysts obtained from wastes for FAME production using mixtures of refined palm oil and waste cooking oilsVargas, Edgar M.; Neves, Márcia C.; Tarelho, Luís A.C.; Nunes, Maria I.articleopenAccess