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2007Characterizing sediment acid volatile sulfide concentrations in European streamsBurton, G. Allen; Green, Andrew; Baudo, Renato; Forbes, Valery; Nguyen, Lien T. H.; Janssen, Colin R.; Kukkonen, Jussi; Leppanen, Matti; Maltby, Lorraine; Soares, Amadeu; Kapo, Katherine; Smith, Preston; Dunning, JohnarticlerestrictedAccess
Apr-2019Cypermethrin-based formulation Barrage® induces histological changes in gills of the Pantanal endemic shrimp Macrobrachium pantanalenseSoares, Mayara Pereira; Oliveira, Natália; Rebelo, Daniela; Marcondes, Sandriely Fernanda; Fernandes, Carlos Eurico; Domingues, Inês; Soares, Amadeu; Hayd, LiliamarticleopenAccess
2005Effects of different soil types on the collembolans Folsomia candida and Hypogastrura assimilis using the herbicide PhenmediphamAmorim, M. J. B.; Rombke, J; Scheffczyk, A; Nogueira, António; Soares, AmadeuarticlerestrictedAccess
2011A feeding inhibition based prediction of the toxic effect of dissolved metal mixtures upon Echinogammarus marinus (Crustacea: Amphipoda) at field relevant concentrations across a latitudinal gradientPastorinho, M Ramiro; Telfer, Trevor C.; Soares, Amadeu; Nogueira, AntónioarticleopenAccess
2013Reproductive traits of horned octopus Eledone cirrhosa in Atlantic Iberian watersRegueira, Marcos; González, Angel F.; Guerra, Ángel; Soares, AmadeuarticlerestrictedAccess
2013Retinoic acid receptors' expression and function during zebrafish early developmentOliveira, Eva; Casado, Marta; Raldúa, Demetrio; Soares, Amadeu; Barata, Carlos; Piña, BenjaminarticlerestrictedAccess
2015Spatial distribution and bioaccumulation patterns in three clam populations from a low contaminated ecosystemVelez, Cátia; Figueira, Etelvina; Soares, Amadeu; Freitas, RosaarticlerestrictedAccess
2004Testing physiologically-based resource allocation rules in laboratory experiments with Daphnia magna StrausNogueira, António; Baird, D. J.; Soares, AmadeuarticleopenAccess
1989The daphnia bioassay - a critiqueBaird, Donald J.; Barber, Ian; Bradley, Mairead; Calow, Peter; Soares, AmadeuarticleopenAccess