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2014Cork stoppers as an effective sorbent for water treatment: the removal of mercury at environmentally relevant concentrations and conditionsLopes, Claudia B.; Oliveira, Joana R.; Rocha, Luciana S.; Tavares, Daniela S.; Silva, Carlos M.; Silva, Susana P.; Hartog, Niels; Duarte, Armando C.; Pereira, E.articlerestrictedAccess
2014Efficiency of a cleanup technology to remove mercury from natural waters by means of rice husk biowaste: ecotoxicological and chemical approachRocha, Luciana S.; Lopes, I.; Lopes, Cláudia B.; Henriques, Bruno; Soares, Amadeu M. V. M.; Duarte, Armando C.; Pereira, EduardaarticlerestrictedAccess
30-May-2020In situ functionalization of a cellulosic-based activated carbon with magnetic iron oxides for the removal of carbamazepine from wastewaterPereira, Diogo; Rocha, Luciana S.; Gil, María V.; Otero, Marta; Silva, Nuno J. O.; Esteves, Valdemar I.; Calisto, VâniaarticleopenAccess
2014A Multidisciplinary Approach to Evaluate the Efficiency of a Clean-Up Technology to Remove Mercury from WaterLopes, Claudia B.; Lopes, Isabel; Rocha, Luciana S.; Duarte, Armando C.; Soares, Amadeu M. V. M.; Rocha, Joao; Pereira, EduardaarticlerestrictedAccess
2011Performance of ex situ bismuth film rotating disk electrode in trace metal analysis by stripping chronopotentiometry: definition of the depletion regime and optimization of experimental parametersRocha, Luciana S.; Pereira, E.; Duarte, A. C.; Pinheiro, José PauloarticlerestrictedAccess
Feb-2021Producing magnetic nanocomposites from paper sludge for the adsorptive removal of pharmaceuticals from water: a fractional factorial designRocha, Luciana S.; Sousa, Érika M. L.; Gil, María V.; Oliveira, João A. B. P.; Otero, Marta; Esteves, Valdemar I.; Calisto, VâniaarticleopenAccess
20-May-2020Recent advances on the development and application of magnetic activated carbon and char for the removal of pharmaceutical compounds from waters: a reviewRocha, Luciana S.; Pereira, Diogo; Sousa, Érika; Otero, Marta; Esteves, Valdemar I.; Calisto, VâniaarticleopenAccess
2016Simple and effective chitosan based films for the removal of Hg from waters: Equilibrium, kinetic and ionic competitionRocha, Luciana S.; Almeida, Angela; Nunes, Claudia; Henriques, Bruno; Coimbra, Manuel A.; Lopes, Claudia B.; Silva, Carlos M.; Duarte, Armando C.; Pereira, EduardaarticlerestrictedAccess
2015Study on bioaccumulation and biosorption of mercury by living marine macroalgae: Prospecting for a new remediation biotechnology applied to saline watersHenriques, Bruno; Rocha, Luciana S.; Lopes, Cláudia B.; Figueira, Paula; Monteiro, Rui J. R.; Duarte, A. C.; Pardal, M. A.; Pereira, E.articlerestrictedAccess
24-Apr-2021Sustainable and recoverable waste-based magnetic nanocomposites used for the removal of pharmaceuticals from wastewaterRocha, Luciana S.; Sousa, Érika M.L.; Pereira, Diogo; Gil, María V.; Otero-Irurueta, Gonzalo; Hortigüela Gallo, María J.; Otero, Marta; Esteves, Valdemar I.; Calisto, VâniaarticleembargoedAccess
2016Sustainable approach for recycling seafood wastes for the removal of priority hazardous substances (Hg and Cd) from waterMonteiro, Rui J. R.; Lopes, Claudia B.; Rocha, Luciana S.; Coelho, Joao P.; Duarte, Armando C.; Pereira, E.articlerestrictedAccess
2020Toxicological characterization of supported ionic liquids for the removal of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs from aqueous solutionsValente, João Vasco; Barros, Rafael; Coelho, Susana; Cristovão, Ana Clara; Pastorinho, M. Ramiro; Rocha, Luciana S.; Neves, Márcia C.; Freire, Mara G.; Sousa, Ana CatarinaconferenceObjectopenAccess
2013Valuation of unmodified rice husk waste as an eco-friendly sorbent to remove mercury: a study using environmental realistic concentrationsRocha, Luciana S.; Lopes, Cláudia B.; Borges, J. A.; Duarte, A. C.; Pereira, E.articlerestrictedAccess
Feb-2021Water softening using graphene oxide/biopolymer hybrid nanomaterialsRocha, Luciana S.; Nogueira, João; Daniel-da-Silva, Ana Luísa; Marques, Paula; Fateixa, Sara; Pereira, Eduarda; Trindade, TitoarticleopenAccess