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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
Dec-2018Characterization of nitrophospholipid-peptide covalent adducts by electrospray tandem mass spectrometry: a first screening analysis using different instrumental platformsMontero-Bullon, Javier-Fernando; Melo, Tânia; Domingues, Maria Rosário; Domingues, PedroarticleopenAccess
15-Mar-2021Characterization of non-volatile oxidation products formed from triolein in a model study at frying temperaturePetronilho, Sílvia; Neves, Bruna; Melo, Tânia; Oliveira, Sara; Alves, Eliana; Barros, Cristina; Nunes, Fernando M.; Coimbra, Manuel A.; Domingues, M. RosárioarticleembargoedAccess
2015Decoding bioactive polar lipid profile of the macroalgae Codium tomentosum from a sustainable IMTA system using a lipidomic approachda Costa, Elisabete; Melo, Tânia; Moreira, Ana S. P.; Alves, Eliana; Domingues, Pedro; Calado, Ricardo; Abreu, Maria H.; Domingues, Maria RosárioarticlerestrictedAccess
May-2019Discovery of bioactive nitrated lipids and nitro-lipid-protein adducts using mass spectrometry-based approachesMelo, Tânia; Montero-Bullón, Javier-Fernando; Domingues, Pedro; Domingues, M. RosárioarticleopenAccess
Apr-2021Effect of harvesting month and proximity to fish farm sea cages on the lipid profile of cultivated Saccharina latissimaMonteiro, João P.; Melo, Tânia; Skjermo, Jorunn; Forbord, Silje; Broch, Ole J.; Domingues, Pedro; Calado, Ricardo; Domingues, M. RosárioarticleembargoedAccess
2018Errors in protein synthesis increase the level of saturated fatty acids and affect the overall lipid profiles of yeastAraújo, Ana Rita D.; Melo, Tânia; Maciel, Elisabete A.; Pereira, Clara; Morais, Catarina M.; Santinha, Deolinda R.; Tavares, Joana F.; Oliveira, Helena; Jurado, Amália S.; Costa, Vítor; Domingues, Pedro; Domingues, Maria Rosário M.; Santos, Manuel A. S.articleopenAccess
20-Nov-2019Insight into the cellular effects of nitrated phospholipids: evidence for pleiotropic mechanisms of actionDuarte, Sofia; Melo, Tânia; Domingues, Rosário; de Dios Alché, Juan; Pérez-Sala, DoloresarticleopenAccess
Feb-2023Light modulates the lipidome of the photosynthetic sea slug Elysia timidaRey, Felisa; Cartaxana, Paulo; Aveiro, Susana; Greenacre, Michael; Melo, Tânia; Domingues, Pedro; Domingues, M. Rosário; Cruz, SóniaarticleopenAccess
Apr-2019Lipidomic signature of the green macroalgae Ulva rigida farmed in a sustainable integrated multi-trophic aquacultureLopes, Diana; Moreira, Ana S. P.; Rey, Felisa; Costa, Elisabete da; Melo, Tânia; Maciel, Elisabete; Rego, Andreia; Abreu, Maria H.; Domingues, Pedro; Calado, Ricardo; Lillebo, Ana I.; Domingues, M. RosárioarticleopenAccess
4-Jun-2019Lipidomic signatures reveal seasonal shifts on the relative abundance of high-valued lipids from the brown algae Fucus vesiculosusCosta, Elisabete da; Domingues, Pedro; Melo, Tânia; Coelho, Elisabete; Pereira, Rui; Calado, Ricardo; Abreu, Maria H.; Domingues, M. RosárioarticleopenAccess
2015Lipidomics as a new approach for the bioprospecting of marine macroalgae: unraveling the polar lipid and fatty acid composition of Chondrus crispusMelo, Tânia; Alves, Eliana; Azevedo, Vítor; Martins, Ana Sofia; Neves, Bruno; Domingues, Pedro; Calado, Ricardo; Abreu, Maria H.; Domingues, Maria RosárioarticlerestrictedAccess
10-Sep-2019Lipidomics in autoimmune diseases with main focus on systemic lupus erythematosusFerreira, Helena Beatriz; Pereira, Ana Margarida; Melo, Tânia; Paiva, Artur; Domingues, M. RosárioarticleopenAccess
2-Aug-2019Lipidomics reveals similar changes in serum phospholipid signatures of overweight and obese pediatric subjectsAnjos, Sara; Feiteira, Eva; Cerveira, Frederico; Melo, Tânia; Reboredo, Andrea; Colombo, Simone; Dantas, Rosa; Costa, Elisabete; Moreira, Ana; Santos, Sónia; Campos, Ana; Ferreira, Rita; Domingues, Pedro; Domingues, M Rosário MarticleopenAccess
30-Jul-2020Lipids and phenylketonuria: current evidences pointed the need for lipidomics studiesGuerra, Inês M. S.; Ferreira, Helena B.; Neves, Bruna; Melo, Tânia; Diogo, Luísa M.; Domingues, M. Rosário; Moreira, Ana S. P.articleopenAccess
20-Nov-2019Liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry characterization of nitroso, nitrated and nitroxidized cardiolipin productsMontero-Bullon, Javier-Fernando; Melo, Tânia; Rosário M. Domingues, M.; Domingues, PedroarticleopenAccess
15-Dec-2018Modulation of the inflammatory response of immune cells in human peripheral blood by oxidized arachidonoyl aminophospholipidsColombo, Simone; Martín-Sierra, Carmen; Melo, Tânia; Laranjeira, Paula; Paiva, Artur; Domingues, Pedro; Domingues, M RosárioarticleopenAccess
2013Photodynamic oxidation of Escherichia coli membrane phospholipids: new insights based on lipidomicsAlves, Eliana; Santos, Nuno; Melo, Tânia; Maciel, Elisabete; Dória, M. Luísa; Faustino, Maria A. F.; Tomé, João P. C.; Neves, Maria G. P. M. S.; Cavaleiro, José A. S.; Cunha, Ângela; Helguero, Luisa A.; Domingues, Pedro; Almeida, Adelaide; Domingues, M. Rosário M.articlerestrictedAccess
2013Photodynamic oxidation of Staphylococcus warneri membrane phospholipids: new insights based on lipidomicsAlves, Eliana; Melo, Tânia; Simões, Cláudia; Faustino, Maria A. F.; Tomé, João P. C.; Neves, Maria G. P. M. S.; Cavaleiro, José A. S.; Cunha, Ângela; Gomes, Newton C. M.; Domingues, Pedro; Domingues, M. Rosário M.; Almeida, AdelaidearticlerestrictedAccess
2013Photosensitized oxidation of phosphatidylethanolamines monitored by electrospray tandem mass spectrometryMelo, Tânia; Santos, Nuno; Lopes, Diana; Alves, Eliana; Maciel, Elisabete; Faustino, Maria A. F.; Tomé, João P. C.; Neves, Maria G. P. M. S.; Almeida, Adelaide; Domingues, Pedro; Segundo, Marcela A.; Domingues, M. Rosário M.articlerestrictedAccess
5-Apr-2021Plasma phospholipidomic profile differs between children with phenylketonuria and healthy childrenGuerra, Inês M. S.; Diogo, Luísa; Pinho, Marisa; Melo, Tânia; Domingues, Pedro; Domingues, M. Rosário; Moreira, Ana S. P.articleembargoedAccess