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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
10-Jul-2018Combinatorial identities in the context of hypercomplex function theoryCação, Isabel; Falcão, M. I.; Malonek, Helmuth R.articleopenAccess
29-Aug-2019Harmonic Analysis and hypercomplex function theory in co-dimension oneMalonek, Helmuth R.; Cação, Isabel; Falcão, M. Irene; Tomaz, GraçabookPartopenAccess
2023History of Mathematics in Portuguese textbooks of Vicente Gonçalves (1896-1985) and José Sebastião e Silva (1914-1972)Pinto, Hélder; Costa, Cecília; Malonek, Helmuth R.bookPartopenAccess
2023Intrinsic properties of a non-symmetric number triangleCação, Isabel; Malonek, Helmuth R.; Falcão, M. Irene; Tomaz, GraçaarticleopenAccess
2010It all began with publications in Teixeira´s Journal: some remarks on August GutzmerMalonek, Helmuth R.; Kharlamova, Vera I.bookPartopenAccess
2017Matrix approach to hypercomplex Appell polynomialsAceto, Lídia; Malonek, Helmuth R.; Tomaz, GraçaarticleopenAccess
Aug-2014Monogenic pseudo-complex power functions and their applicationsCruz, Carla; Falcão, Maria Irene; Malonek, Helmuth R.articleopenAccess
2022Non-symmetric number triangles arising from hypercomplex function theory in Rn+1Cação, Isabel; Falcão, M. Irene; Malonek, Helmuth R.; Tomaz, GraçaconferenceObjectembargoedAccess
30-Sep-2019On generalized Vietoris’ number sequencesCação, Isabel; Falcão, M. Irene; Malonek, Helmuth R.articlerestrictedAccess
2016O Papel das Revistas Científicas na Internacionalização da MatemáticaKharlamova, Vera Ivanovna; Malonek, Helmuth R.; Santos, Sandrina Rafaela AndradearticleopenAccess
23-Jun-2023Remarks on the Vietoris sequence and corresponding convolution formulasCação, Isabel; Falcão, M. Irene; Malonek, Helmuth R.; Miranda, Fernando; Tomaz, GraçaconferenceObjectopenAccess
9-Aug-2021A Sturm-Liouville equation on the crossroads of continuous and discrete hypercomplex analysisCação, Isabel; Falcão, M. Irene; Malonek, Helmuth R.; Tomaz, GraçaarticleopenAccess
2014Математические журналы и их интернационализация: первый португальский журнал “Jornal de sciencias mathematicas e astronomicas”Kharlamova, Vera I.; Kharlamov, Alexander A.; Malonek, Helmuth R.bookPartopenAccess