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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2022Avaliação neurolinguística em pacientes com tumores cerebraisAlves, Joana; Cardoso, Mafalda; Morgado, Mariana; Jesus, Luis M. T.bookPartopenAccess
Nov-2019Comparing traditional and tablet-based intervention for children with speech sound disorders: a randomised control trialJesus, Luis M. T.; Martinez, Joana; Santos, Joaquim; Hall, Andreia; Joffe, VictoriaarticleopenAccess
Jun-2017A country-wide probability sample of public attitudes toward stuttering in PortugalValente, Ana Rita S.; St. Louis, Kenneth O.; Leahy, Margereth; Hall, Andreia; Jesus, Luis M. T.articleopenAccess
2024Influence of the European Portuguese phonological system on the perception of close-mid and open-mid vowelsJesus, Luis M. T.; Im, Megumi; Veloso, João; Costa, Maria ConceiçãoarticleopenAccess
8-Jan-2021Language assessment in awake brain surgery: the Portuguese adaptation of the Dutch linguistic intraoperative protocol (DuLIP)Alves, Joana; Cardoso, Mafalda; Morgado, Mariana; De Witte, Elke; Satoer, Djaina; Hall, Andreia; Jesus, Luis M. T.articleembargoedAccess
11-Oct-2016Paediatric automatic phonological analysis tools (APAT)Saraiva, Daniela; Lousada, Marisa; Hall, Andreia; Jesus, Luis M. T.articleopenAccess
2024Predicting the Age of Emergence of ConsonantsJesus, Luis M. T.; Trabelsi, JihenbookPartopenAccess
2023O processamento do sujeito nulo na doença de AlzheimerMartinho, Maria José J. P.; Capucho, Filomena; Hall, Andreia; Jesus, Luis M. T.articleopenAccess
Dec-2019Reliability and validity evidence of the Assessment of Language Use in Social Contexts for Adults (ALUSCA)Valente, Ana Rita S.; Hall, Andreia; Alvelos, Helena; Leahy, Margaret; Jesus, Luis M. T.articlerestrictedAccess
2010Temporal acoustic correlates of the voicing contrast in European Portuguese stopsLousada, Marisa; Jesus, Luis M. T.; Hall, AndreiaarticleopenAccess