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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
Jun-2010Automatic extraction and representation of geographic entities in eGovernmentRodrigues, Mário; Dias, Gonçalo Paiva; Teixeira, AntónioconferenceObjectopenAccess
Apr-2012Citizen-side handling of life event servicesGomes, Hélder; Zúquete, André; Dias, Gonçalo PaivaconferenceObjectrestrictedAccess
Mar-2015Os estágios curriculares e o seu impacto na empregabilidade dos licenciadosDias, Gonçalo Paiva; Melo, Ana Isabel; Lopes, Betina; Seabra, Dina; Brito, Elisabeth; Costa, Marco; Silva, PatríciabookopenAccess
Nov-2010Knowledge extraction from minutes of Portuguese municipalities meetingsRodrigues, Mário; Dias, Gonçalo Paiva; Teixeira, AntónioconferenceObjectopenAccess
5-Mar-2015Model of Access to Natural Language Sources in Electronic GovernmentRodrigues, Mário; Teixeira, António; Dias, Gonçalo PaivabookrestrictedAccess
Jun-2006Proposta de uma plataforma de integração para a administração públicaDias, Gonçalo Paiva; Rafael, José AlbertoconferenceObjectopenAccess
Sep-2009Security concerns in eGovernment agent-based interoperabilityMarques, Fábio; Dias, Gonçalo Paiva; Zúquete, AndréconferenceObjectrestrictedAccess
28-Jun-2018Smart cities research in Portugal and Spain: An exploratory biliometric analysisDias, Gonçalo PaivaconferenceObjectopenAccess
Jan-2018The million-dollar question: can internships boost employment?Silva, Patrícia; Lopes, Betina; Costa, Marco; Melo, Ana I.; Dias, Gonçalo Paiva; Brito, Elisabeth; Seabra, DinaarticleopenAccess
23-Oct-2019The ‘Lunar Side’ of the story: exploring the sustainability of curricular internships in higher educationLopes, Betina; Silva, Patrícia; Melo, Ana; Brito, Elisabeth; Dias, Gonçalo Paiva; Costa, MarcoarticleopenAccess