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2012Burn wood influence on outdoor air quality in a small village: Foros de Arrão, PortugalCanha, N.; Freitas, M. C.; Almeida-Silva, M.; Almeida, S. M.; Dung, H. M.; Dionísio, I.; Cardoso, J.; Pio, C. A.; Caseiro, Alexandre; Verburg, T. G.; Wolterbeek, H. Th.articlerestrictedAccess
2010Characterisation of PM10 emissions from woodstove combustion of common woods grown in PortugalGonçalves, Cátia; Alves, Célia; Evtyugina, Margarita; Mirante, Fátima; Pio, Casimiro; Caseiro, Alexandre; Schmidl, Christoph; Bauer, Heidi; Carvalho, FernandoarticlerestrictedAccess
2012Indoor and outdoor characterisation of organic and inorganic compounds in city centre and suburban elementary schools of Aveiro, PortugalPegas, P. N.; Nunes, T.; Alves, C. A.; Silva, J. R.; Vieira, S. L. A.; Caseiro, Alexandre; Pio, C. A.articlerestrictedAccess
2010Road traffic impact on urban atmospheric aerosol loading at Oporto, PortugalOliveira, César; Pio, Casimiro; Caseiro, Alexandre; Santos, Patrícia; Nunes, Teresa; Mao, Hongjun; Luahana, Lakhumal; Sokhi, RanjeetarticlerestrictedAccess
2014Size fractionated aerosol composition at roadside and background environments in the Madrid urban atmosphereMirante, Fátima; Salvador, Pedro; Pio, Casimiro; Alves, Célia; Artiñano, Begoña; Caseiro, Alexandre; Revuelta, M. AranzazuarticlerestrictedAccess
2013Size-segregated chemical composition of aerosol emissions in an urban road tunnel in PortugalPio, Casimiro; Mirante, Fatima; Oliveira, Cesar; Matos, Manuel; Caseiro, Alexandre; Oliveira, Cristina; Querol, Xavier; Alves, Celia; Martins, Natercia; Cerqueira, Mario; Camoes, Filomena; Silva, Hugo; Plana, FelicianoarticlerestrictedAccess
Aug-2010Smoke emissions from biomass burning in a Mediterranean shrublandAlves, Célia; Gonçalves, Cátia; Pio, Casimiro; Mirante, Fátima; Caseiro, Alexandre; Tarelho, Luís; Freitas, M.C.; Viegas, D.X.articlerestrictedAccess
Jan-2011Summer 2009 wildfires in Portugal: Emission of trace gases and aerosol compositionAlves, Célia; Vicente, Ana; Nunes, Teresa; Gonçalves, Cátia; Fernandes, Ana Patrícia; Mirante, Fátima; Tarelho, Luís; Campa, Ana M. Sánchez; Querol, Xavier; Caseiro, Alexandre; Monteiro, Cristina; Evtyugina, Margarita; Pio, CasimiroarticlerestrictedAccess
Aug-2012Variations in wood burning organic marker concentrations in the atmospheres of four European citiesCaseiro, Alexandre; Oliveira, CésararticlerestrictedAccess