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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
13-Oct-2017BAD-LAMP controls TLR9 trafficking and signalling in human plasmacytoid dendritic cellsCombes, Alexis; Camosseto, Voahirana; N'Guessan, Prudence; Argüello, Rafael J.; Mussard, Julie; Caux, Christophe; Bendriss-Vermare, Nathalie; Pierre, Philippe; Gatti, EvelinaarticleopenAccess
23-Jan-2018Guanabenz inhibits TLR9 signaling through a pathway that is independent of eIF2α dephosphorylation by the GADD34/PP1c complexPerego, Jessica; Mendes, Andreia; Bourbon, Clarisse; Camosseto, Voahirana; Combes, Alexis; Hong Liu; Manh, Thien-Phong Vu; Dalet, Alexandre; Chasson, Lionel; Spinelli, Lionel; Bardin, Nathalie; Chiche, Laurent; Santos, Manuel A. S.; Gatti, Evelina; Pierre, PhilippearticleopenAccess
5-Nov-2019Polymerase III transcription is necessary for T cell priming by dendritic cellsReverendo, Marisa; Argüello, Rafael J.; Polte, Christine; Valecka, Jan; Camosseto, Voahirana; Auphan-Anezin, Nathalie; Ignatova, Zoya; Gatti, Evelina; Pierre, PhilippearticleopenAccess
15-Mar-2017Protein synthesis inhibition and GADD34 control IFN-β heterogeneous expression in response to dsRNADalet, Alexandre; Argüello, Rafael J.; Combes, Alexis; Spinelli, Lionel; Jaeger, Sebastien; Fallet, Mathieu; Manh, Thien-Phong Vu; Mendes, Andreia; Perego, Jessica; Reverendo, Marisa; Camosseto, Voahirana; Dalod, Marc; Weil, Tobias; Santos, Manuel A.; Gatti, Evelina; Pierre, PhilippearticlerestrictedAccess
Jul-2021RUFY4 exists as two translationally regulated isoforms, that localize to the mitochondrion in activated macrophagesValečka, Jan; Camosseto, Voahirana; McEwan, David G.; Terawaki, Seigo; Liu, Zhuangzhuang; Strock, Eva; Almeida, Catarina R.; Su, Bing; Dikic, Ivan; Liang, Yinming; Gatti, Evelina; Pierre, PhilippearticleopenAccess
2015RUN and FYVE domain-containing protein 4 enhances autophagy and lysosome tethering in response to Interleukin-4Terawaki, Seigo; Camosseto, Voahirana; Prete, Francesca; Wenger, Till; Papadopoulos, Alexia; Rondeau, Christiane; Combes, Alexis; Rodrigues, Christian Rodriguez; Manh, Thien-Phong Vu; Fallet, Mathieu; English, Luc; Santamaria, Rodrigo; Soares, Ana R.; Weil, Tobias; Hammad, Hamida; Desjardins, Michel; Gorvel, Jean-Pierre; Santos, Manuel A. S.; Gatti, Evelina; Pierre, PhilippearticleopenAccess