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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
19-Apr-2019Dielectric properties of Bi-substituted LDHs synthesized by co-precipitation and sol-gel methodsSokol, Denis; Ivanov, Maksim; Salak, Andrei N.; Grigalaitis, Robertas; Banys, Juras; Kareiva, AivarasarticleopenAccess
12-Feb-2019High-temperature electrical conductivity of the xNBT–(1-x)LMT ceramics: verification of Meyer-Neldel ruleRudys, Saulius; Ivanov, Maksim; Grigalaitis, Robertas; Glemza, Kazimieras; Banys, Juras; Rubanik, Vasili V.; Shilin, Aleksandr D.; Salak, Andrei N.articlerestrictedAccess
2020Magnetic anisotropy in the CoII-AlIII-nitrate layered double hydroxides with the Co/Al ratios 2, 3, and 4Pashkevich, Yurii; Babkin, Roman; Rubanik, Vasili; Shilin, Aleksandr D.; Vieira, Daniel E.L.; Salak, Andrei N.; Banys, JurasbookPartembargoedAccess
9-Jun-2020Phase transitions in the metastable perovskite multiferroics BiCrO3 and BiCr0.9Sc0.1O3: A comparative studyCardoso, João Pedro; Delmonte, Davide; Gilioli, Edmondo; Fertman, Elena L.; Fedorchenko, Alexey V.; Shvartsman, Vladimir V.; Paukšta, Vaidotas; Grigalaitis, Robertas; Banys, Juras; Khalyavin, Dmitry D.; Vieira, Joaquim M.; Salak, AndreiarticlerestrictedAccess
3-Sep-2019Temperature-induced structural transformations in undoped and Eu3+-Doped ruddlesden-popper phases Sr2SnO4 and Sr3Sn2O7: relation to the impedance and luminescence behaviorsStanulis, Andrius; Katelnikovas, Arturas; Salak, Andrei N; Seibutas, Povilas; Ivanov, Maksim; Grigalaitis, Robertas; Banys, Juras; Kareiva, Aivaras; Ramanauskas, Rimantas; Barron, Andrew RarticlerestrictedAccess