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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
Jan-2018An Advanced Impact Integration Platform for Cooperative Road Use – The @CRUiSE ProjectVilaça, Mariana; Bahmankhah, Behnam; Bandeira, Jorge; Coelho, Margarida C.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2020Assessing the overtaking lateral distance between motor vehicles and bicycles: influence on energy consumption and road safetyBahmankhah, Behnam; Fernandes, Paulo; Ferreira, José; Bandeira, Jorge; Santos, José; Coelho, Margarida C.bookPartembargoedAccess
Jan-2020A Comparative Empirical Assessment of Roundabouts Operations in Rural Areas: Impacts On Congestion-Specific Vehicle Speed Profiles, Pollutant and Noise EmissionsFernandes, Paulo; Tomás, Ricardo; Acuto, Francesco; Pascale, Antonio; Bahmankhah, Behnam; Guarnaccia, Claudio; Granà, Anna; Coelho, Margarida C.reviewembargoedAccess
2019Cycling at Intersections: a multi-objective assessement for traffic, emissions and safetyBahmankhah, Behnam; Fernandes, Paulo; Coelho, MargaridaarticleopenAccess
Feb-2017Development of an Advanced Impact Integration Platform For Cooperative Road Use: The @CRUiSE ProjectMargarida C. Coelho; Bandeira, Jorge M.; Paulo Fernandes; Bahmankhah, Behnam; Vilaça, Mariana; Borrego, Carlos; Rodrigues, Vera; Barraca, João PauloconferenceObjectopenAccess
Sep-2019Driving Information in a Transition to a Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Environment: Impacts on Pollutants, Noise and SafetyCoelho, Margarida C.; Bahmankhah, Behnam; Ferreira, Elisabete; Guarnaccia, ClaudioconferenceObjectrestrictedAccess
Jun-2017Exploring crowdsourcing information to predict traffic-related impactsTafidis, Pavlos; Teixeira, João; Bahmankhah, Behnam; Macedo, Eloísa; Coelho, Margarida C.; Bandeira, JorgeconferenceObjectopenAccess
7-Jan-2019Impact of motor vehicle-bicycles interaction on route selection, traffic performance, emissions and safety: a look to driving volatilityBahmankhah, Behnam; Coelho, Margarida C.conferenceObjectopenAccess
Feb-2018Impact of Motor Vehicles-Bicycles Interaction on Route Selection, Traffic Performance, Emissions and SafetyBahmankhah, Behnam; Coelho, Margarida C.conferenceObjectopenAccess
11-Jun-2018Impact of the interaction between motor vehicles and bicycles on route selection, traffic performance, emissions and safetyBahmankhah, Behnam; Coelho, Margarida C.conferenceObjectopenAccess
May-2018Impacte da presença de ciclovias no desempenho do tráfego rodoviário, segurança rodoviária e emissões de poluentes em áreas urbanasBahmankhah, Behnam; Coelho, Margarida C.conferenceObjectopenAccess
Jul-2019Interaction between motor vehicles and bicycles at two-lane roundabouts: a driving volatility based analysisBahmankhah, Behnam; Fernandes, Paulo; Teixeira, João; Coelho, Margarida C.conferenceObjectopenAccess
6-Jun-2019Interaction between motor vehicles and bicycles at two-lane roundabouts: a driving volatility-based analysisBahmankhah, Behnam; Fernandes, Paulo; Teixeira, João; Coelho, Margarida CarticleopenAccess
Feb-2017Multi-Objective Optimization For Passengers’ Routing Using Passenger Car Vs. BicycleBahmankhah, Behnam; Margarida C. CoelhoconferenceObjectopenAccess
Sep-2017Multi-objective optimization for short distance trips in an urban area: choosing between motor vehicle or cycling mobility for a safe, smooth and less polluted routeBahmankhah, Behnam; Coelho, Margarida C.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2011Quality improvement in tire retreading industry: a case studyBahmankhah, BehnammasterThesisopenAccess