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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
1993The Bellman equation for time-optimal control of noncontrollable nonlinear systemsBardi, Martino; Staicu, VasilearticlerestrictedAccess
5-Apr-2016The existence of solutions to variational problems of slow growthCellina, Arrigo; Staicu, VasilearticlerestrictedAccess
2007The method of upper-lower solutions for nonlinear second order differential inclusionsPapageorgiou, Nikolaos; Staicu, VasilearticlerestrictedAccess
2022The obstacle problem at zero for the fractional p-LaplacianFrassu, Silvia; Rocha, Eugénio M.; Staicu, VasilearticleopenAccess
2009The spectrum and an index formula for the Neumann P-laplacian and multiple solutions for problems with a crossing nonlinearityAizicovici, S.; Papageorgiou, Nikolaus; Staicu, VasilearticlerestrictedAccess
31-May-2019Three nontrivial solutions for nonlocal anisotropic inclusions under nonresonanceFrassu, Silvia; Rocha, Eugénio; Staicu, VasilearticleopenAccess
2010Three nontrivial solutions for the p-Laplacian Neumann problems with a concave nonlinearity near the originAizicovici, Sergiu; Papageorgiou, Nikolaos; Staicu, VasilebookPartopenAccess
2008Three nontrivial solutions for the p-Laplacian with a nonsmooth potentialPapageorgiou, Nikolaos; Santos, Sandrina Rafaela; Staicu, VasilearticlerestrictedAccess
2018To Academician Constantin Corduneanu on the ocasion of his 90th birthdayStaicu, VasilearticleopenAccess
1995Topological properties of nonconvex differential inclusions of evolution typeBlasi, F. S.; Pianigiani, G.; Staicu, VasilearticlerestrictedAccess
2019A tribute to the late Professor Constantin CorduneanuStaicu, VasilearticleopenAccess
Jul-1991Well posedness for differential inclusions on closed setsCellina, Arrigo; Staicu, VasilearticlerestrictedAccess