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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2013Ultra-high performance liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry applied to the identification of valuable phenolic compounds from Eucalyptus woodSantos, Sonia A. O.; Vilela, Carla; Freire, Carmen S. R.; Neto, Carlos Pascoal; Silvestre, Armando J. D.articlerestrictedAccess
2016Unravelling the distinct crystallinity and thermal properties of suberin compounds from Quercus suber and Betula pendula outer barksSousa, Andreia F.; Gandini, Alessandro; Caetano, Ana; Maria, Teresa M. R.; Freire, Carmen S. R.; Pascoal Neto, Carlos; Silvestre, Armando J. D.articlerestrictedAccess
21-Jan-2021Unveiling modifications of biomass polysaccharides during thermal treatment in cholinium chloride :  lactic acid deep eutectic solventMorais, Eduarda S.; Da Costa Lopes, André M.; Freire, Mara G.; Freire, Carmen S. R.; Silvestre, Armando J. D.articlerestrictedAccess
2014Unveiling the Chemistry behind the Green Synthesis of Metal NanoparticlesSantos, Sonia A. O.; Pinto, Ricardo J. B.; Rocha, Silvia M.; Marques, Paula A. A. P.; Neto, Carlos Pascoal; Silvestre, Armando J. D.; Freire, Carmen S. R.articlerestrictedAccess
2014Unveiling the dual role of the cholinium hexanoate ionic liquid as solvent and catalyst in suberin depolymerisationFerreira, Rui; Garcia, Helga; Sousa, Andreia F.; Guerreiro, Marina; Duarte, Filipe J. S.; Freire, Carmen S. R.; Calhorda, Maria Jose; Silvestre, Armando J. D.; Kunz, Werner; Rebelo, Luis Paulo N.; Pereira, Cristina SilvaarticleopenAccess
11-Aug-2020Use of ionic liquids and deep eutectic solvents in polysaccharides dissolution and extraction processes towards sustainable biomass valorizationMorais, Eduarda S.; da Costa Lopes, André M.; Freire, Mara G.; Freire, Carmen S. R.; Coutinho, João A. P.; Silvestre, Armando J. D.articleopenAccess
2013Valorization of olive mill residues: Antioxidant and breast cancer antiproliferative activities of hydroxytyrosol-rich extracts derived from olive oil by-productsRamos, Patricia; Santos, Sonia A. O.; Guerra, Angela R.; Guerreiro, Olinda; Felicio, Laura; Jeronimo, Eliana; Silvestre, Armando J. D.; Pascoal Neto, Carlos; Duarte, MariaarticlerestrictedAccess
2-Oct-2018Valorization of olive tree leaves: extraction of oleanolic acid using aqueous solutions of surface-active ionic liquidsCláudio, Ana Filipa M.; Cognigni, Alice; de Faria, Emanuelle L. P.; Silvestre, Armando J. D.; Zirbs, Ronald; Freire, Mara G.; Bica, KatharinaarticleopenAccess
2016Valorization of water hyacinth through supercritical CO2 extraction of stigmasterolde Melo, Marcelo M. R.; Silva, Rui P.; Silvestre, Armando J. D.; Silva, Carlos M.articlerestrictedAccess
Feb-2022Water in Deep Eutectic Solvents: New Insights From Inelastic Neutron Scattering SpectroscopyNolasco, Mariela M.; Pedro, Sónia; Vilela, Carla; Vaz, Pedro D.; Ribeiro-Claro, Paulo; Rudić, SSvemirc; Parker, Stewart F.; Freire, Carmen S. R.; Freire, Mara G.; Silvestre, Armando J. D.articleopenAccess
2008What is the real value of chitosan's surface energy?Cunha, Ana G.; Fernandes, Susana C. M.; Freire, Carmen S. R.; Silvestre, Armando J. D.; Neto, Carlos Pascoal; Gandini, AlessandroarticlerestrictedAccess