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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2010Fabrico rápido de implantes ósseos personalizadosRelvas, C.; Ramos, A.; Completo, A.; Simões, J. A. O.articleopenAccess
2011Improved stability with intramedullary stem after anterior femoral notching in total knee arthroplastyCompleto, A.; Fonseca, F.; Relvas, C.; Ramos, A.; Simões, J.A.articlerestrictedAccess
2001Inactivation kinetics of Trametes versicolor laccase induced with lignosulphonateBotelho, S.; Ramos, A.; Saraiva, J.; Xavier, A.conferenceObjectopenAccess
2010Kinematic and Grip Strength Analysis of Wrist before and after Total Wrist ArthroplastyMeireles, S.; Completo, A.; Silva, C.; Simões, J.; Ramos, A.; Relvas, C.conferenceObjectrestrictedAccess
2019Medical devices biomaterials: a reviewFestas, A. J.; Ramos, A.; Davim, J. P.articlerestrictedAccess
2009Notching in the anterior femur with use of femoral stem: a finite element studyCompleto, A.; Tavares, N.; Relvas, C.; Fonseca, F.; Simões, J. A.; Ramos, A.articlerestrictedAccess
2011Straight, semi-anatomic and anatomic TMJ implants: the influence of condylar geometry and bone fixation screwsRamos, A.; Completo, A.; Relvas, C.; Mesnard, M.; Simões, J.A.articlerestrictedAccess
2010The influence of condylar geometry and positions of bone fixation screws on a TMJ implantRamos, A.; Mesnard, M.; Relvas, C.; Completo, A.; Ballu, A.; Morlier, J.; Simões, J. A.articlerestrictedAccess
2011The influence of data shape acquisition process and geometric accuracy of the mandible for numerical simulationRelvas, C.; Ramos, A.; Completo, A.; Simões, J.A.articlerestrictedAccess