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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
29-May-2015Acoustic clouds: Standing sound waves around a black hole analogueBenone, Carolina L.; Crispino, Luis C. B.; Herdeiro, Carlos; Radu, EugenarticleopenAccess
7-Oct-2015Anti-de-Sitter regular electric multipoles: Towards Einstein-Maxwell-AdS solitonsHerdeiro, Carlos; Radu, EugenarticleopenAccess
Aug-2015Asymptotically flat black holes with scalar hair: a reviewHerdeiro, Carlos A. R.; Radu, EugenarticlerestrictedAccess
Dec-2020Asymptotically flat, spherical, self-interacting scalar, Dirac and Proca starsHerdeiro, Carlos A. R.; Radu, EugenarticleopenAccess
10-Oct-2019Balancing a static black ring with a phantom scalar fieldKleihaus, Burkhard; Kunz, Jutta; Radu, EugenarticleopenAccess
19-Apr-2019Black hole scalarisation from the breakdown of scale-invarianceHerdeiro, Carlos A. R.; Radu, EugenarticleopenAccess
2015Black ringoids: spinning balanced black objects in d >= 5 dimensions - the codimension-two caseKleihaus, Burkhard; Kunz, Jutta; Radu, EugenarticleopenAccess
10-Jun-2019Boson and Dirac stars in D ≥ 4 dimensionsBlázquez-Salcedo, Jose Luis; Knoll, Christian; Radu, EugenarticleopenAccess
5-Nov-2021A bound on energy extraction (and hairiness) from superradianceHerdeiro, Carlos A. R.; Radu, Eugen; Santos, Nuno M.articleopenAccess
21-Oct-2019Charged black holes with axionic-type couplings: classes of solutions and dynamical scalarizationFernandes, Pedro G. S.; Herdeiro, Carlos A. R.; Pombo, Alexandre M.; Radu, Eugen; Sanchis-Gual, NicolasarticleopenAccess
18-May-2015Charged isotropic non-Abelian dyonic black branesBrihaye, Yves; Manvelyan, Ruben; Radu, Eugen; Tchrakian, D. H.articleopenAccess
May-2016Charged, rotating black objects in Einstein–Maxwell-Dilaton theory in D ≥ 5Kleihaus, Burkhard; Kunz, Jutta; Radu, EugenarticleopenAccess
1-Jan-2019Compact objects and the swamplandHerdeiro, Carlos A. R.; Radu, Eugen; Uzawa, KunihitoarticleopenAccess
19-Apr-2022Constraining spontaneous black hole scalarization in scalar-tensor-Gauss-Bonnet theories with current gravitational-wave dataWong, Leong Khim; Herdeiro, Carlos A. R.; Radu, EugenarticlerestrictedAccess
2015Construction and physical properties of Kerr black holes with scalar hairHerdeiro, Carlos; Radu, EugenarticlerestrictedAccess
10-Jul-2021De-singularizing the extremal GMGHS black hole via higher derivatives correctionsHerdeiro, Carlos; Radu, Eugen; Uzawa, KunihitoarticleopenAccess
15-Jul-2022Deconstructing scaling virial identities in general relativity: spherical symmetry and beyondHerdeiro, Carlos A. R.; Oliveira, João M. S.; Pombo, Alexandre M.; Radu, EugenarticleopenAccess
15-Dec-2020Dynamical bar-mode instability in spinning bosonic starsDi Giovanni, Fabrizio; Sanchis-Gual, Nicolas; Cerdá-Durán, Pablo; Zilhão, Miguel; Herdeiro, Carlos; Font, José A.; Radu, EugenarticleopenAccess
27-Nov-2019EHT constraint on the ultralight scalar hair of the M87 supermassive black holeCunha, Pedro V. P.; Herdeiro, Carlos; Radu, EugenarticleopenAccess
Jun-2016Einstein-Maxwell-Anti-de-Sitter spinning solitonsHerdeiro, Carlos; Radu, EugenarticleopenAccess