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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2015Evaluation of the potential of mid-infrared spectroscopy to assess the microbiological quality of hamMoreirinha, Catarina; Nunes, Alexandra; Barros, António; Almeida, Adelaide; Delgadillo, IvonnearticlerestrictedAccess
2011High pressure treatments largely avoid/revert decrease of cooked sorghum protein digestibility when applied before/after cookingCorreia, Isabel; Nunes, Alexandra; Saraiva, Jorge A.; Barros, António S.; Delgadillo, IvonnearticlerestrictedAccess
12-Feb-2021Metabolic alterations in myotonic dystrophy type 1 and their correlation with lipinMateus, Tiago; Martins, Filipa; Nunes, Alexandra; Herdeiro, Maria Teresa; Rebelo, SandraarticleopenAccess
Mar-2020Monitoring plasma protein aggregation during aging using conformation-specific antibodies and FTIR spectroscopyMagalhães, Sandra; Trindade, Dário; Martins, Tânia; Martins Rosa, Ilka; Delgadillo, Ivonne; Goodfellow, Brian J.; da Cruz E Silva, Odete A. B.; Henriques, Ana Gabriela; Nunes, AlexandraarticleopenAccess
Dec-2015Oxidative stress markers: can they be used to evaluate human sperm quality?Cruz, Daniel Filipe; Lume, Catarina; Silva, Joana Vieira; Nunes, Alexandra; Castro, Inês; Silva, Rafaela; Silva, Vladimiro; Ferreira, Rita; Fardilha, MargaridaarticleopenAccess
Jan-2018Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a model to confirm the ability of FTIR to evaluate the presence of protein aggregatesMagalhães, Sandra; Graça, Ana; Tavares, Joana; Santos, Manuel A. S.; Delgadillo, Ivonne; Nunes, AlexandraarticleopenAccess
2018Spectroscopic features of cancer cells: FTIR spectroscopy as a tool for early diagnosisSantos, Francisco; Magalhães, Sandra; Henriques, Magda Carvalho; Fardilha, Margarida; Nunes, AlexandraarticleopenAccess
23-May-2022The long-term culture of human fibroblasts reveals a spectroscopic signature of senescenceMagalhães, Sandra; Almeida, Idália; Pereira, Cátia D.; Rebelo, Sandra; Goodfellow, Brian J.; Nunes, AlexandraarticleopenAccess
2018Understanding prostate cancer cells metabolome: a spectroscopic approachSantos, Francisco; Magalhães, Sandra; Henriques, Magda Carvalho; Silva, Beatriz; Valença, Isabel; Ribeiro, Daniela; Fardilha, Margarida; Nunes, AlexandraarticleopenAccess