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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
13-Dec-2018Understanding symptoms variability in outpatients with AECOPDOliveira, Ana Luísa; Marques, AldaarticleopenAccess
2015Unsupported Upper Limb Exercise Test: reliability and learning effectMarques, Alda; Oliveira, Ana; Jácome, Cristina; Cruz, JoanaconferenceObjectopenAccess
18-Nov-2020Urinary neonicotinoids profiles in adults from Aveiro district, NW PortugalSousa, Ana Catarina; Ikenaka, Yoshinori; Ichise, Takahiro; Nakayama, Shouta M.M.; Souto-Miranda, Sara; Marques, Alda; Valente, Carla; Taborda-Barata, Luís; Pastorinho, M. Ramiro; Ishizuka, MayumiconferenceObjectopenAccess
24-Aug-2017Usability of Computerized Lung Auscultation–Sound Software (CLASS) for learning pulmonary auscultationMachado, Ana; Oliveira, Ana; Jácome, Cristina; Moreira, José; Rodrigues, João; Aparício, José; Jesus, Luis; Marques, Alda; Pereira, MarcoarticleopenAccess
10-Dec-2023Usability of the OnTRACK platform to promote physical activity in COPDHipólito, Nádia; Flora, Sofia; Gordo, Jessica; Pinto, Diogo; Caceiro, Rúben; Pimenta, Sara; Silva, Fernando; Ribeiro, José; Brites-Pereira, Marcelo; Morais, Nuno; G. Silva, Cândida; Oliveira, Ana Luísa; Burtin, Chris; Brooks, Dina; Marques, Alda; Cruz, JoanaconferenceObjectopenAccess
Dec-2013Usability testing of a respiratory interface using computer screen and facial expressions videosOliveira, Ana; Pinho, Cátia; Monteiro, Sandra; Marcos, Ana; Marques, AldaarticleopenAccess
18-Apr-2024Validation of "CENTR(AR)" walking trails: different field criteria do not lead to different physical activity intensities in people with COPDDiciolla, Nicola S.; Rebelo, Patrícia; Rodrigues, Guilherme; Grave, Ana Sofia; Dias, Cíntia; Gomes, Maria; Santos, E. Samuel; Pereira, Zulmira; Pereira, Luísa; Marques, AldaarticleopenAccess
12-Sep-2014Validation of a time-frequency wheeze detector in cystic fibrosis: A pilot studyOliveira, Daniela; Pinho, Cátia; Marques, Alda; Dinis, JoãoconferenceObjectopenAccess
Jun-2014Validation of the Comprehensive ICF Core Set for obstructive pulmonary diseases from the patient’s perspectiveMarques, Alda; Jácome, Cristina; Gonçalves, Ana; Silva, Sara; Lucas, Carla; Cruz, Joana; Gabriel, RaquelarticleopenAccess
10-Dec-2023Validation of walking trails for people with COPDDiciolla, Nicola Sante; Marques, Alda; Grave, Ana Sofia; Dias, Cíntia; Rodrigues, Guilherme; Gomes, Maria; Santos, E. Samuel; Pereira, Zulmira; Pereira, Luisa; Rebelo, PatríciaconferenceObjectopenAccess
1-Oct-2017Validity and Relative Ability of 4 Balance Tests to Identify Fall Status of Older Adults With Type 2 DiabetesMarques, Alda; Silva, Alexandre; Oliveira, Ana; Cruz, Joana; Machado, Ana; Jácome, CristinaarticleopenAccess
13-Jun-2017Validity and reliability of adventitious computerised respiratory sounds in COPDOliveira, Ana; Lage, Susan; Marques, AldaconferenceObjectopenAccess
6-Jul-2022Validity of the activities-specific balance confidence scale in individuals with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseAlsubheen, Sanaa A.; Beauchamp, Marla K.; Ellerton, Cindy; Goldstein, Roger; Alison, Jennifer A.; Dechman, Gail; Haines, Kimberley J.; Harrison, Samantha L.; Holland, Anne E.; Lee, Annemarie L.; Marques, Alda; Spencer, Lissa; Stickland, Michael; Skinner, Elizabeth H.; Brooks, DinaarticlerestrictedAccess
2017Validity of the Brief physical activity assessment tool for clinical use in COPDCruz, Joana; Jácome, Cristina; Marques, AldaconferenceObjectopenAccess
1-Nov-2016Validity, reliability and ability to identify fall status of the Berg Balance Scale, BESTest, Mini-BESTest and Brief-BESTest in patients with COPDJácome, Cristina; Cruz, Joana; Oliveira, Ana; Marques, AldaarticleopenAccess
8-Sep-2017Validity, reliability and minimal detectable change of the balance evaluation systems test (BESTest), mini-BESTest and brief-BESTest in patients with end-stage renal diseaseJácome, Cristina; Flores, Inês; Martins, Filipa; Castro, Conceição; McPhee, Charlotte; Shepherd, Ellen; Demain, Sara; Figueiredo, Daniela; Marques, AldaarticleopenAccess
13-Jan-2017Valores normativos do Balance Evaluation System Test (BESTest), Mini-BESTest, Brief-BESTest, Timed Up and Go Test e Usual Gait Speed em pessoas idosas Portuguesas saudáveis.Almeida, Sara; Marques, Alda; Santos, JoanaarticleopenAccess
23-Dec-2015Walk2Bactive: a randomised controlled trial of a physical activity-focused behavioural intervention beyond pulmonar rehabilitation in chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseCruz, Joana; Brooks, Dina; Marques, AldaarticleopenAccess
1-Sep-2016Walk2Bactive: Patients' perspectives of a physical activity-focused intervention beyond pulmonary rehabilitation in COPDCruz, Joana; Brooks, Dina; Marques, AldaconferenceObjectopenAccess
2018What makes physical activity valued by people living with dementiaGonçalves, Ana Carolina; Samuel, Dinesh; Demain, Sara H.; Marques, AldaconferenceObjectrestrictedAccess