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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
May-2010On the identity and distribution in northern Portugal of three gomphonema species currently misidentified as gomphonema cleveiAlmeida, Salome F. P.; Craveiro, Sandra C.; Calado, Antonio J.articlerestrictedAccess
2017Studies on Peridinium aciculiferum and Peridinium malmogiense (=Scrippsiella hangoei): comparison with Chimonodinium lomnickii and description of Apocalathium gen. nov. (Dinophyceae)Craveiro, Sandra C.; Daugbjerg, Niels; Moestrup, Ojvind; Calado, António J.articlerestrictedAccess
30-Jun-2019Studies on woloszynskioid dinoflagellates X: ultrastructure, phylogeny and colour variation in Tovellia rubescens n. sp. (Dinophyceae)Pandeirada, Mariana S.; Craveiro, Sandra C.; Daugbjerg, Niels; Moestrup, Øjvind; Domingues, Pedro; Calado, António J.articlerestrictedAccess
Nov-2010Ultrastructure and Large Subunit rDNA-Based Phylogeny of Sphaerodinium cracoviense, an Unusual Freshwater Dinoflagellate with a Novel Type of EyespotCraveiro, Sandra C.; Moestrup, Ojvind; Daugbjerg, Niels; Calado, António J.articlerestrictedAccess
Oct-2011Ultrastructure and LSU rDNA-based Phylogeny of Peridinium lomnickii and Description of Chimonodinium gen. nov (Dinophyceae)Craveiro, Sandra C.; Calado, António J.; Daugbjerg, Niels; Hansen, Gert; Moestrup, OjvindarticlerestrictedAccess
Oct-2009Ultrastructure and LSU rDNA-based revision of Peridinium group Palatinum (Dinophyceae) with the description of Palatinus gen. nov.Craveiro, Sandra C.; Calado, António J.; Daugbjerg, Niels; Moestrup, OjvindarticlerestrictedAccess