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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess Type
2016Chronobiology in coping styles of gilthead seabream (S. aurata): understanding individual variation in biological rhythmsRodrigues, Bernardete LopesmasterThesisopenAccess
14-Dec-2021Effects of thermal stress on the photoinactivation and repair of photosystem II in a xanthophyll cycledeficient green algaLeandro, Filipa FerreiramasterThesisopenAccess
26-Jul-2022Effects of thermal stress on the photoinactivation and repair of photosystem II in two microphytobenthos communitiesBártolo, Cláudia AlexandramasterThesisopenAccess
13-Jan-2020Estuaries as carbon sinks: photosynthetic activity, photoinhibition and resilience in pelagic-benthic primary productionFrankenbach, SiljadoctoralThesisopenAccess
2006Estudo da resposta fototáctica do microfitobentos estuarinoCoelho, Helena Isabel Soares DinismasterThesisopenAccess
2006Estudo in situ da actividade fotossintética do microfitobentoVieira, Sónia Catarina ReismasterThesisopenAccess
18-Jul-2022Exploring the use of microalgae as a source material to obtain extracellular vesicles for human healthFernandes, Carolina MonteiromasterThesisembargoedAccess
5-Dec-2011Fitoplâncton do estuário do Mondego segundo a diretiva-quadro da águaLuís, Cátia Sofia da ConceiçãomasterThesisopenAccess
7-Dec-2022Horizontal acquisition of endolithic symbionts: developing an experimental modelHentz, Flora MorganamasterThesisembargoedAccess
2010Microphytobenthos vs Hydrobia: trophic coupling in estuarine environmentCoelho, Helena Isabel Soares DinisdoctoralThesisopenAccess
2010Motilidade celular e produção de exopolissacarídeos em diatomáceasPereira, Sílvia Maria CordeiromasterThesisopenAccess
2012New insights into the Symbiodinium life cycle and strain interactionsBrandão, Cláudio Alexandre TabaiomasterThesisopenAccess
7-Dec-2022Optimization of growth and photophysiology of two Arthrospira platensis strainsCardoso, Vera Rita FerreiramasterThesisopenAccess
2009Percursos investigativos em fotossíntese e transpiração no e.secundárioGameiro, Maria Manuela AntunesmasterThesisopenAccess
12-Dec-2022Phenotypic plasticity in benthic diatoms: cellular motility and photoacclimation capacityBastos, Alexandra OliveiramasterThesisopenAccess
16-Dec-2021Photophysiological effects of UV induced mineral fluorescence on endolithic microalgaeSantos, Luísa SarmentomasterThesisopenAccess
30-Jun-2023Photosymbioses under stress: photoinhibition and phototaxis in the sea anemone Exaiptasia diaphanaSilva, Patricia Carvalho damasterThesisopenAccess
16-Sep-2014Trophic plasticity in the cnidarian-dinoflagellate symbiosisLeal, Miguel Albuquerque da CostadoctoralThesisopenAccess
14-Dec-2023Zostera noltei Hornemann sexual reproduction in Ria de Aveiro: insights for seagrass seed-based restorationSilva, João José Ferreira de Oliveira emasterThesisembargoedAccess