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 Concepts and approaches of material and immaterial in new art media
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title: Concepts and approaches of material and immaterial in new art media
authors: Oliveira, Rosa Maria
Azevedo, Isabel
keywords: New concepts
New media in art
issue date: 2011
publisher: InSEA
abstract: Some of the art of the 20th and 21st centuries is what is understood as such by means of an essentially conceptual approach, a different contact with the materials. They are more and more numerous and diversified and their exploration possibilities and their potential richness must be understood. Materiality in Art has been questioned since Marcel Duchamp. The Dada Movement and the Suprematists were the first to make their way through paths leading to different experiences of Immateriality in Art. The Suprematists insisted that from the material to the immaterial is just a step, and they made several attempts to release Art from material realization. As a consequence, new ways should be discovered to reach what is the essence of Art, the expression of a pure spirituality. With the new Technologies, the increasing artificialization and dematerialization of plastic material reinforce a trend to a form of conceptualization and rationalization of part of the current artistic production. Among the components of the immaterial we can find the transparent materials, – glass, light –, as well as the ones that result from speed and movement, making the shapes explode and diluting the materials in a never-ending metamorphosis process – kinetic energy, video –, what results from the spirit and the thought, – language, concept –, what is necessary to the operating method of the virtual work – computers, the internet, holography.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10773/8047
ISBN: 978-963-08-1596-3
publisher version/DOI: http://insea2011.org/
source: 33 InSEA World Congress 2011
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