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 Performance evaluation of fixed and mobile relay in WiMAX system
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title: Performance evaluation of fixed and mobile relay in WiMAX system
authors: Mumtaz, S.
Tu, L.T.
Sadeghi, R.
Gameiro, A.
keywords: Coverage area
Fixed relay
Analytical expressions
Complex interaction
Coverage area
Data rate transmission
Dense urban areas
Fixed relays
Geographic regions
Medium access
Mobile relays
Performance evaluation
Remote rural areas
Service area
System throughput
WiMAX networks
WiMAX systems
Wireless communication system
Cellular radio systems
Communication systems
Computer network performance evaluation
Computer simulation
Global system for mobile communications
Medium access control
Rural areas
issue date: 2010
publisher: Digital Information Research Foundation
abstract: Future wireless communication systems are expected to provide more stable and higher data rate transmissions in the whole network. WiMAX is one of the technologies to cover diverse geographic regions. WiMAX covers the high dense urban areas and provide access over large geographic regions in remote rural area. However, in both scenarios it is challenging to cover the entire service area. In both cases relays are foreseen to extend the range of the BS and to increase the system throughput allowing for a cost-efficient deployment and service. As multi-hop/relay has complex interactions between the routing and medium access control decisions, the extent to which analytical expressions can be used to explore its benefits are limited. Consequently simulations tend to be the preferred way of assessing the performance of relays. In this paper, we explain, how to deploy fixed-relay and mobile relay by using computer simulation in WiMAX system and we consistently observed that the throughput is increased and the outage is decreased in the relay-augmented WiMAX network, which is converted to range extension without any capacity penalty, for the realistic range of values of the propagation and other system parameters investigated.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10773/7133
ISSN: 0972-7272
publisher version/DOI: http://www.dirf.org/jdim
source: Journal of Digital Information Management
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