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 On a special nonlinear problem arising in the study of convex SIP problems
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title: On a special nonlinear problem arising in the study of convex SIP problems
authors: Kostyukova, O. I.
Tchemisova, T. V.
Yermalinskaya, S. A.
keywords: Semi-Infinite Programming (SIP)
Nonlinear Programming (NLP)
issue date: 2006
publisher: University of Aveiro
abstract: We continue a study of convex problems of Semi-In¯nite Programming (SIP) started in [6, 7]. In the Implicit Optimality Criterion from [6], we formulated the optimality conditions for convex SIP problem in terms of such the conditions for a special Nonlinear Programming (NLP) problem. In the present paper, we study some speci¯c properties of this nonlinear problem and obtain e±cient optimality conditions for it. We show that in the case when the constraint function of the initial SIP problem is analytical, the optimality conditions take the form of criterion.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10773/6230
source: Cadernos de Matemática
appears in collectionsCIDMA - Working paper

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