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 Differential equations, chaos and variational problems
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title: Differential equations, chaos and variational problems
authors: Staicu, Vasile
keywords: Chaos
Differential equation
Variational problem
issue date: 2007
publisher: Birkhauser
abstract: Differential equations are a fast evolving branch of mathematics and one of the mathematical tools most used by scientists and engineers. This book gathers a collection of original articles and state-of-the-art contributions, written by highly distinguished researchers working in differential equations, delay-differential equations, differential inclusions, variational problems, Young measures, control theory, dynamical systems, chaotic systems and their relations with physical systems. The forefront of research in these areas is represented in this volume.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10773/5386
ISBN: 978-3-7643-8481-4
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