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2016Safer cycling routes to the university: analysis of conflicts Between motor vehicles and bicyclesCoelho, Margarida C.; Fernandes, Paulo; Campos, Luis Gonçalo
2013SAPO Campus: uma nova abordagem à promoção de tecnologias educativas no Ensino SuperiorSantos, Carlos; Pedro, Luís; Ramos, Fernando
2011Sapo Campus: what users really think about an institutionally supported PLESantos, Carlos; Pedro, Luís; Ramos, Fernando; Moreira, António
26-Aug-2014Scalable semantic aware context storageAntunes, Mário; Gomes, Diogo; Aguiar, Rui
2013Scenario building for service design at Montemor-o-VelhoFranqueira, Teresa; Gomes, Sónia Cláudia
Jul-2010Scratch’ando com o SAPO” Guardians: designing the mediators for play-work-study for kids.sapo.ptMiriam Reis; Conceição Lopes
2007Searching for sectoral patterns of innovation in european manufacturing industryVarum, C. A.; Pinho, C.
2000A sectored receiver for infrared wireless networksAlves, L. N.; Aguiar, Rui L.; Vasconcelos, Eduardo de; Cura, Jose Luis
2014Secure and trustworthy file sharing over cloud storage using eID tokensDuarte, E.; Pinheiro, F.; Zúquete, A.; Gomes, H.
2017Secure decentralized IoT InfrastructureSantos, Vasco; Barraca, João Paulo; Gomes, Diogo
6-Jul-2015Secure, dynamic and distributed access control stack for database applicationsPereira, Óscar Mortágua; Regateiro, Diogo Domingues; Aguiar, Rui L.
Sep-2009Security concerns in eGovernment agent-based interoperabilityMarques, Fábio; Dias, Gonçalo Paiva; Zúquete, André
Jul-2014Sedimentary climatic record in the Galician Internal Basin: sediment provenance, transport time and hydrodynamics over the last 60.000 yearsPlaza Morlote, M.; Bernabeu, A. M.; Benazzouz, O.; Martins, V.; Mohamed, K. J.; Pinheiro, L. M.; Rey, D.; Ribeiro, S.; Rubio, B.; Santos, J. F.
2012Sedimentary processes on the NW Iberian continental Shelf since the late Little Ice AgeMartins, V.; Figueira, R.C.L.; França, E.J.; Ferreira, P.A.L.; Martins, P.; Santos, J.F.; Dias, J.M.A.; Laut, L.M.; Ferreira da Silva, E.; Rocha, F.
2017Seguidores de marcas no Facebook: perceções e comportamentosSimões, D.; Dias, C.
2000Seismic analyses of a R/C building: study of a retrofitting solutionVarum, H.; Pinto, A. V.; Coelho, E.; Carvalho, E. C.
2013Seismic assessment and retrofitting of existing RC buildings in KathmanduVarum, H.; Chaulagain, H.; Rodrigues, H.; Spacone, E.
Aug-2014Seismic assessment of rc structures with infill masonry panels in Nepal: sensitivity analysisChaulagain, Hemchandra; Rodrigues, Hugo; Spacone, Enrico; Varum, Humberto
2013Seismic assessment of three-storey residential buildings in NepalChaulagain, H.; Rodrigues, H.; Spacone, E.; Varum, H.
2009Seismic behaviour and strengthening of existing reinforced concrete structuresVarum, H.; Rodrigues, H.; Fernandes, C.; Costa, A.; Arêde, A.
showing results 1338 to 1357 of 1697
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