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2002Java environment for a JUMPtec WebToNet embedded systemSilva, Valter; Fonseca, José; Oliveira, José
2012Joint design of RFID reader and tag anti-collision algorithms: a cross-layer approachGameiro, Atílio; Samano, Ramiro
1-Dec-2014Joint interference alignment and IB-DFE scheme for MC-CDMA systemsSilva, Adão; Dinis, Rui; Moreira, José; Gameiro, Atílio
2009Jointly cross-layer scheduling and dynamic resource allocation for RT and NRT traffic types for IEEE802.16eNascimento, A.; Gameiro, A.
2012Joint user scheduling and link adaptation for distributed antenna systems in multi-cell environments with imperfect CSIGameiro, Atílio; Samano, Ramiro; Castañeda, Eduardo
2012Joint user scheduling, power control and beam-forming for multi-cell distributed antenna systems with imperfect CSIGameiro, Atílio; Samano, Ramiro
2009A joint utilility-token bucket packet scheduling algorithm for IEEE 802.16e WiMAX networksNascimento, A.; Gameiro, A.; Rodriguez, J.
2012Kalman filtering approach in the calibration of radar rainfall dataCosta, Marco; Monteiro, Magda; Gonçalves, A. Manuela
Jul-2012Kernel behaviors on time scalesBrás, Isabel; Pawłuszewicz, Ewa
2006Kernel design for FTT-CAN systemsCalha, Mário; Fonseca, José; Silva, Valter; Marau, Ricardo
16-Mar-2013Key discursive themes for the environmental governance of the Vouga Estuary (Ria de Aveiro)Sumares, David; Fidélis, Teresa
2010Kinematic and Grip Strength Analysis of Wrist before and after Total Wrist ArthroplastyMeireles, S.; Completo, A.; Silva, C.; Simões, J.; Ramos, A.; Relvas, C.
2005KNOW-CONSTRUCT: Knowledge based community in the construction industrySimões, Dora; Silva, Manuel Moreira da; Soares, António Lucas; Costa, Rute
Nov-2010Knowledge extraction from minutes of Portuguese municipalities meetingsRodrigues, Mário; Dias, Gonçalo Paiva; Teixeira, António
2014Knowledge valorization and the European Paradox: a case studyAla, Soraia; Vilarinho, Pedro
2009KRAFTTERRA composite: Performance analysis of compressed earth blocks with and without cellulose pulp deriving from cement sacks recyclingBuson, M.; Varum, H.; Sposto, R. M.
2011KRAFTTERRA: Incorporation of paper fibers from cement sacks recycling in the production of compressed earth blocksBuson, M.; Varum, H.; Sposto, R. M.
Sep-2001Laboratório de Educação em MatemáticaCabrita, Isabel; Correia, Eugénia
6-Dec-2013La contribución del Convenio de Albufeira a los procesos de evaluación de impacto ambiental en contextos transfronterizos: presente Y futuroVicente, Fernando; Fidélis, Teresa
2011Laguerre polynomials in several hypercomplex variables and their matrix representationMalonek, Helmuth Robert; Tomaz, Graça
showing results 866 to 885 of 1697
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