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2004B2C (Bach2Cage): an art process, an educational skillSantana, Helena; Santana, Rosário
2010O bagaço da cana-de-açúcar em combinação com folhas caulinares de bambu para seu emprego em chapas de partículasSantos, G.J.; Battistelle, R.A.G.; Varum, H.
2001Bandwidth aspects in second generation current conveyorsAlves, Luis Nero; Aguiar, Rui L.; Santos, Dinis M.
2005Bandwidth boosting in transimpedance amplifiers for optical LANs, using delayed feedbackMartins, N.; Barbosa, L.; Alves, L. N.; Aguiar, R.L.
15-Dec-2013Bandwidth improvements in transimpedance amplifiers for visible-light receiver front-endsCura, José Luís Vieira; Alves, Luis Nero
1998Base station transceiver design in a digital wireless local loop systemNavarro, A.; Silva, P.; Ribau, P.; Silva, R.; Figueiredo, J.; Matos, J.; Gameiro, A.
2006Behaviour of traditional Portuguese timber roof structuresBranco, J.; Cruz, P.; Piazza, M.; Varum, H.
17-Aug-1994Being the best: Attitudes and motivation amongst the World’s leading golfersMansfield, Roger; Oliveira, Manuel Au-Yong
2014Benchmarking the performance of hypervisors on different workloadsBhukya, Devi; Gonçalves, Carlos; Gomes, Diogo; Aguiar, Rui L.
2015BET on Top Hat: challenges to improve language proficiencyBalula, Ana; Marques, Fábio; Martins, Ciro
2016BET on Top Hat: Towards Meaning and MemoryAna Balula; Ciro Martins; Fábio Marques
2013Biaxial seismic behaviour of reinforced concrete columnsRodrigues, H.; Varum, H.; Arêde, A.
Jun-2004Bibo-stability of quaternionic systemsPereira, Ricardo; Rocha, Paula; Vettori, Paolo
2010Binary dirty paper codingCastanheira, D.; Gameiro, A.
2011Biomechanical behaviour of cancellous bone in lumbar vertebra before and after total disk replacement with Prodisc-LCompleto, António; Silva, S.; Alcântera, I.; Ramos, António Amaral; Relvas, Carlos; Fernando
2006Biomechanical investigations on the total knee arthroplastyFonseca, F.; Completo, A.; Simões, J. A.
2011Biomechanical response of new femoral components for patellofemoral arthroplastyCastro, André; Completo, António; Simões, José A.; Flores, Paulo
2009Biomechanical response of the natural and artificial patellofemoral articulation using the finite element approachCastro, André; Completo, António; Simões, José António; Flores, Paulo
2009Biomechanical study of the bone-implant interface in patellofemoral arthroplastyCastro, André; Completo, António; Simões, José A.; Flores, Paulo
Jan-2010Biometric authentication using brain responses to visual stimuliZúquete, A.; Quintela, B.; Cunha, J.P.S.
showing results 152 to 171 of 1605
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