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2016Packing Interactions and Physicochemical Properties of Novel Multicomponent Crystal Forms of the Anti-Inflammatory Azelaic Acid Studied by X-ray and Solid-State NMRMartins, Ines C. B.; Sardo, Mariana; Santos, Sergio M.; Femandes, Auguste; Antunes, Alexandra; Andre, Vania; Mafra, Luis; Teresa Duarte, M.
2015Packing of R^2 by CrossesCruz, Catarina Neto; Breda, Ana; Pinto, Raquel
11-Oct-2016Paediatric automatic phonological analysis tools (APAT)Saraiva, Daniela; Lousada, Marisa; Hall, Andreia; Jesus, Luis M. T.
2017Pain, pain intensity and pain disability in high school students are differently associated with physical activity, screening hours and sleepSilva, A. G.; Sa-Couto, P.; Queirós, A.; Neto, M.; Rocha, N. P.
2013PAIN with and without PAR: variants for third-spin assisted heteronuclear polarization transferAgarwal, Vipin; Sardo, Mariana; Scholz, Ingo; Boeckmann, Anja; Ernst, Matthias; Meier, Beat H.
2016Pairing High Piezoelectric Coefficients, d(33), with High Curie Temperature (T-C) in Lead-Free (K,Na)NbO3Rafiq, Muhammad Asif; Costa, Maria Elisabete; Vilarinho, Paula Maria
1-Aug-2001Palladium/alumina catalysts: effect of the processing route on catalytic performanceGreca, Maria Conceição; Moraes, Caetano; Segadães, Ana Maria
Jun-2013“Papagaio colorido”? “Bola saltitante”? “Construtor de pontes”?: como é que os professores de línguas descrevem o seu papel em contextos multilingues e multiculturais?Bastos, Mónica Sofia de Almeida; Araújo e Sá, M. H.
2016O Papel das Revistas Científicas na Internacionalização da MatemáticaKharlamova, Vera Ivanovna; Malonek, Helmuth R.; Santos, Sandrina Rafaela Andrade
Apr-2008Para compreender o mundoCosta, Rui Carlos
1-Sep-2017Paraconsistency in hybrid logicCosta, Diana; Martins, Manuel A.
Jul-2010Parameter estimation of state space models for univariate observationsCosta, Marco; Alpuim, Teresa
2007Parametric analysis of the lateral-torsional buckling resistance of steel beams in case of fireReal, P. M. M. Vila; Lopes, N.; Silva, L. Simões da; Franssen, J. M.
Jul-2008Parametric tail copula estimation and model testingHaan, Laurens de; Neves, Cláudia; Peng, Liang
2017Parametrization and Applications of Precoding Reuse and Downlink Interference AlignmentCastañeda, E.; Castanheira, D.; Silva, A.; Gameiro, A.
2014Parcours du portugais langue d’origine en France et des langues d’origine au Portugal: regards croisésFaneca, Rosa Maria
2013Paris-type morphology a common feature on Lunularia cruciata colonised by Glomus and Gigaspora fungiFonseca, HMAC; Azevedo, A; Pereira, ML
2014Partial Replacement of EPDM by GTR in Thermoplastic Elastomers Based on PP/EPDM: Effects on Morphology and Mechanical PropertiesLima, Paulo; Oliveira, Jose; Costa, Vitor
Apr-2014Partial Replacement of EPDM by GTR in Thermoplastic Elastomers Based on PP/EPDM: Effects on Morphology and Mechanical PropertiesLima, Paulo; Oliveira, José Martinho; Costa, V.A.F.
2015Partial replacement of EPR by GTR in highly flowable PP/EPR blends: Effects on morphology and mechanical propertiesLima, Paulo Silva; Oliveira, Jose Martinho; Ferreira Costa, Vitor Antonio
showing results 3813 to 3832 of 5742
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