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2013Macrofaunal assemblages from mud volcanoes in the Gulf of Cadiz: abundance, biodiversity and diversity partitioning across spatial scalesCunha, M. R.; Rodrigues, C. F.; Genio, L.; Hilario, A.; Ravara, A.; Pfannkuche, O.
Jun-2008Macroinvertebrate communities and habitat structure in least-impacted hill streams of central PortugalMonaghan, Kieran A.; Soares, Amadeu M.V.M.
2004Macroinvertebrate response to acid mine drainage: community metrics and on-line behavioural toxicity bioassayGerhardt, A.; Bisthoven, L. Janssens de; Soares, A. M. V. M.
Sep-2013Mafic–intermediate plutonic rocks of the Salmas area, northwestern Iran: their source and petrogenesis significanceGhaffari, M.; Rashidnejad-Omran, N.; Dabiri, R.; Chen, B.; Santos, J. F.
1990Magmatismo orogénico varisco no limite meridional da Zona de Ossa-MorenaSantos, J. F.; Andrade, A. S.; Munhá, J.
30-Jun-2012Magnesium metallic interlayer as an oxygen-diffusion-barrier between high-κ dielectric thin films and silicon substrateRauwel, E.; Rauwel, P.; Ducroquet, F.; Sunding, M. F.; Matko, I.; Lourenço, A. C.
Apr-2009Magnetic and structural properties basic solid state physics of transition metal doped zinc-oxide nanostructuresAnkiewicz, Amelia O.; Gehlhoff, Wolfgang; Martins, Joana S.; Pereira, Angela S.; Pereira, Sergio; Hoffmann, Axel; Kaidashev, Evgeni M.; Rahm, Andreas; Lorenz, Michael; Grundmann, Marius; Carmo, Maria C.; Trindade, Tito; Sobolev, Nikolai A.
2015Magnetic structure of an incommensurate phase of La-doped BiFe0.5Sc0.5O3: Role of antisymmetric exchange interactionsKhalyavin, D D; Salak, A N; Lopes, A B; Olekhnovich, N M; Pushkarev, A V; Radyush, Yu V; Fertman, E L; Desnenko, V A; Fedorchenko, A V; Manuel, P; Feher, A; Vieira, J M; Ferreira, M G S
2009Magnus effect and dynamics of a spinning disc in a rarefied mediumMishuris, G.; Plakhov, A.
2010Main eigenvalues and (κ, τ)-regular setsCardoso, Domingos M.; Sciriha, I.; Zerafa, C.
2015Male-biased gastrointestinal parasitism in a nearly monomorphic mountain ungulateMartínez-Guijosa, Jordi; Martínez-Carrasco, Carlos; Ramón Lopez-Olvera, Jorge; Fernández-Aguilar, Xavier; Colom-Cadena, Andreu; Cabezón, Oscar; Mentaberre, Gregorio; Ferrer, David; Velarde, Roser; Gassó, Diana; Garel, Mathieu; Rossi, Luca; Lavín, Santiago; Serrano, Emmanuel
2015Mammal carcasses attract a swarm of mussels in the deep Atlantic: insights into colonization and biogeography of a chemosymbiotic speciesGénio, Luciana; Rodrigues, Clara F.; Guedes, Inês F.; Almeida, Hélio; Duperron, Sébastien; Hilário, Ana
2010Managing multiples ontologies in a virtual breeding environment contextSimões, Dora; Ferreira, Hugo; Soares, António Lucas
23-Mar-2015Maps of Archimedean class and operations on dessinsCatalano, Domenico; d'Azevedo, António Breda; Karábas, Ján; Nedela, Roman
2015Marine mammals and good environmental status: science, policy and society; challenges and opportunitiesSantos, Maria Begona; Pierce, Graham John
Nov-2010Marine spatial planning: Lessons learned from the Portuguese debateCalado, H; Ng, K; Johnson, D; Sousa, L; Phillips, M; Alves, F
Sep-2015A maritime inventory routing problem with stochastic sailing and port timesAgra, Agostinho; Christiansen, Marielle; Delgado, Alexandrino; Hvattum, Lars Magnus
2011Mass inflation in a D-dimensional Reissner-Nordstrom black hole: A hierarchy of particle accelerators?Avelino, P. P.; Hamilton, A. J. S.; Herdeiro, C. A. R.; Zilhão, M.
2015Mate choice drives evolutionary stability in a hybrid complexMorgado-Santos, Miguel; Pereira, Henrique Miguel; Vicente, Luís; Collares-Pereira, Maria João
2009Materials and techniques of Art Nouveau architecture in Italy and Portugal: a first insight for an European route to consistent restorationDell’Acqua, A. C.; Franzoni, E.; Sandrolini, F.; Varum, H.
showing results 1795 to 1814 of 3469
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