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2015H-1 NMR studies of water- and alkaline-soluble organic matter from fine urban atmospheric aerosolsLopes, Sónia P.; Matos, João T. V.; Silva, Artur M. S.; Duarte, Armando C.; Duarte, Regina M. B. O.
2006Habitat and reproductive phenology of wild boar (Sus scrofa) in the western Iberian PeninsulaSantos, P.; Fernandez-Llario, P.; Fonseca, C.; Monzon, A.; Bento, P.; Soares, A. M. V. M.; Mateos-Quesada, P.; Petrucci-Fonseca, F.
2015Habitat and water quality variables as predictors of community composition in an Indonesian coral reef: a multi-taxon study in the Spermonde ArchipelagoMoura Polónia, Ana Rita; Richard Cleary, Daniel Francis; de Voogd, Nicole Joy; Renema, Willem; Hoeksema, Bert W.; Martins, Ana; Marcial Gomes, Newton Carlos
2013Hahn's symmetric quantum variational calculusBrito da Cruz, A. M. C.; Martins, N.; Torres, D. F. M.
2014Halimione portulacoides (L.) physiological/biochemical characterization for its adaptive responses to environmental mercury exposureAnjum, Naser A.; Israr, Mohd; Duarte, Armando C.; Pereira, Maria E.; Ahmad, Iqbal
2002Hamster: um rato simplesSilva, Valter; Cardoso, Gonçalo
2014Harmonic analysis on the Einstein gyrogroupFerreira, Milton
Apr-2015Harmonic analysis on the Möbius gyrogroupFerreira, Milton
Jan-2017Harmonic analysis on the proper velocity gyrogroupFerreira, Milton
2015Has upwelling strengthened along worldwide coasts over 1982-2010?Varela, R.; Álvarez, I.; Santos, F.; deCastro, M.; Gómez-Gesteira, M.
2012Hawking radiation for a Proca field in D dimensionsHerdeiro, Carlos; Sampaio, Marco O. P.; Wang, Mengjie
Jan-2009Head-mounted display versus desktop for 3D navigation in virtual reality: A user studySousa Santos, B.; Dias, P.; Pimentel, A.; Baggerman, J.-W.; Ferreira, C.; Silva, S.; Madeira, J.
2011Head-on collisions of unequal mass black holes in D=5 dimensionsWitek, Helvi; Cardoso, Vitor; Gualtieri, Leonardo; Herdeiro, Carlos; Sperhake, Ulrich; Zilhao, Miguel
2009Head Posture and Neck Pain of Chronic Nontraumatic Origin: A Comparison Between Patients and Pain-Free PersonsSilva, Anabela; Punt, TD; Sharples, P; Vilas-Boas, JP; Johnson, MI
2009Head posture assessment for patients with neck pain: is it useful?Silva, A. G.; Punt, T. David; Sharples, P.; Vilas-Boas, J. P.; Johnson, M. I.
2011Health concerns of consuming cockles (Cerastoderma edule L.) from a low contaminated coastal systemFigueira, E.; Lima, A.; Branco, D.; Quintino, V.; Rodrigues, A. M.; Freitas, R.
Sep-2015A heat conduction problem of 2D unbounded composites with imperfect contact conditionsCastro, L. P.; Kapanadze, D.; Pesetskaya, E.
2010Heavy elements in the phosphorite from Kalaat Khasba mine (North-western Tunisia): Potential implications on the environment and human healthda Silva, Eduardo Ferreira; Mlayah, Ammar; Gomes, Celso; Noronha, Fernando; Charef, Abdelkrim; Sequeira, Cristina; Esteves, Valdemar; Figueiredo Marques, Ana Raquel
2015Heavy metals of Santiago Island (Cape Verde) top soils: estimated background value maps and environmental risk assessmentCabral Pinto, M. M. S.; Ferreira da Silva, E.; Silva, M. M. V. G.; Melo-Gonçalves, P.
27-Jan-2017Heisenberg uncertainty principles for an oscillatory integral operatorCastro, L. P.; Guerra, R. C.; Tuan, N. M.
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