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2017Galerkin spectral method for the fractional nonlocal thermistor problemSidi Ammi, M. R.; Torres, D. F. M.
2010Gas mass-flow meters: Principles and applicationsManuel Arlindo Amador de Matos; Viviana da Silva Ferreira
2015Gastrointestinal nematodes and dietary fibre: two factors to consider when using FN for wildlife nutrition monitoringArturo, Gálvez-Cerón; Diana, Gassó; Jorge Ramón, López-Olvera; Gregorio, Mentaberre; Jordi, Bartolomé; Ignasi, Marco; David, Ferrer; Luca, Rossi; Mathieu, Garel; Santiago, Lavín; Marcus, Clauss; Emmanuel, Serrano
2003Gauge symmetries and Noether currents in optimal controlTorres, D.F.M.
2014A general delta-nabla calculus of variations on time scales with application to economicsDryl, M.; Torres, D. F. M.
Apr-2012A generalization of chromatic polynomial of a graph subdivisionCardoso, D. M.; Silva, M. E.; Szymanski, J.
2011A generalization of fiedler's lemma and some applicationsCardoso, Domingos M.; Gutman, I.; Martins, E. A.; Robbiano, M.
1998A generalization of the Hoffman-Lovász upper bound on the independence number of a regular graphLuz, C. J.; Cardoso, Domingos M.
2009Generalizations of Gronwall-Bihari inequalities on time scalesFerreira, R.A.C.; Torres, D.F.M.
2009A generalized converse mean value theoremAlmeida, R
2010Generalized Euler-Lagrange Equations for Variational Problems with Scale DerivativesAlmeida, R.; Torres, D.F.M.
2013A generalized fractional calculus of variationsOdzijewicz, T.; Malinowska, A.B.; Torres, D.F.M.
Nov-2012Generalized fractional calculus with applications to the calculus of variationsOdzijewicz, T.; Malinowska, A.B.; Torres, D.F.M.
Jun-2015Generalized fractional operators for nonstandard LagrangiansTaverna, Giorgio S.; Torres, Delfim F. M.
Jan-2017Generalized Fuzzy Euler-Lagrange equations and transversality conditionsFard, Omid Solaymani; Almeida, Ricardo; Soolaki, Javad; Borzabadi, Akbar Hashemi
1-Mar-2017A generalized Lyapunov's inequality for a fractional boundary value problemChidouh, Amar; Torres, Delfim F.M.
2010Generalized natural boundary conditions for fractional variational problems in terms of the Caputo derivativeMalinowska, A.B.; Torres, D.F.M.
2009Generalized retarded integral inequalitiesFerreira, R.A.C.; Torres, D.F.M.
2006Generalized splines in ℝn and optimal controlRodrigues, R.C.; Torres, D.F.M.
2013Generalized transversality conditions in fractional calculus of variationsAlmeida, R; Malinowska, AB
showing results 1386 to 1405 of 3640
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