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2010Backward linear control systems on time scalesPawuszewicz, E.; Torres, D.F.M.
2011Backward variational approach on time scales with an action depending on the free endpointsMalinowska, A.B.; Torres, D.F.M.
8-Feb-2011Bacterial biomass production in an estuarine system: high variability of leucine conversion factors and changes in bacterial community structure during incubationBaptista, I.; Santos, A. L.; Cunha, A.; Gomes, N. C. M.; Almeida, A.
2012Bacterial cellulose membranes applied in topical and transdermal delivery of lidocaine hydrochloride and ibuprofen: In vitro diffusion studiesTrovatti, Eliane; Freire, Carmen S. R.; Pinto, Pedro C.; Almeida, Isabel F.; Costa, Paulo; Silvestre, Armando J. D.; Pascoal Neto, Carlos; Rosado, Catarina
2016Bacterial collagenases: a reviewDuarte, Ana Sofia; Correia, António; Esteves, Ana Cristina
1992Bacterial colonization of seston particles in brackish waters (Ria de Aveiro, Portugal)Almeida, M. A.; Alcantara, F.
2012Bacterial communities associated with the decomposition of Fucus vesiculosus in transitional watersMartins, P.; Lopes, M. L.; Rodrigues, A. M.; Gomes, N. C. M.; Quintino, V.
2015Bacterial community composition and predicted functional ecology of sponges, sediment and seawater from the thousand islands reef complex, West Java, Indonesiade Voogd, Nicole J.; Cleary, Daniel F. R.; Polónia, Ana R. M.; Gomes, Newton C. M.
Mar-2007Bacterial community composition over a dry winter in meso- and eutrophic Portuguese water bodiesDe Figueiredo, Daniela R; Pereira, Mário J; Moura, Alexandra; Silva, Leonel; Bárrios, Sara; Fonseca, Fátima; Henriques, Isabel; Correia, António
2007Bacterial productivity distribution during a rainy year in an estuarine systemAlmeida, M. A.; Cunha, M. A.; Dias, J. M.
Aug-2016Ba-doped ZnO nanostructure: X-ray line analysis and optical properties in visible and low frequency infraredZamiri, Reza; Chenari, Hossein Mahmoudi; Moafi, H.F.; Shabani, Mehdi; Salehizadeh, S.A.; Rebelo, Avito; Kumar, J. Suresh; Graça, M.P.F.; Soares, M.J.; Ferreira, J.M.F.
2015Band gaps of wurtzite ScxGa1-xN alloysTsui, H C L; Goff, L E; Rhode, S K; Pereira, S; Beere, H E; Farrer, I; Nicoll, C A; Ritchie, D A; Moram, M A
Nov-2002Bandwidth aspects in second generation current conveyorsAlves, L. N.; Aguiar, R.L.; Santos, D.M.
2006Baquílides, Epinício 13: A Píteas de Egina, vitória no pancrácio, Jogos NemeusBrasete, Maria Fernanda (Trad.)
2009Barriers and facilitators to knowledge management in university research centers: an exploratory studyRego, Arménio; Pinho, Isabel; Pedrosa, Júlio; Cunha, Miguel Pina E.
2010Basal levels of enzymatic biomarkers and energy reserves in Porcellionides pruinosusFerreira, NGC; Santos, MJG; Domingues, I; Calhoa, CF; Monteiro, M; Amorim, MJB; Soares, AMVM; Loureiro, S
1998Baud sampling bit synchroniser for channels with data dependent noiseGameiro, A.
2010Bayesian analysis of FIAPARCH model: an application to São Paulo stock marketSafadi, Thelma; Pereira, Isabel
2004Bayesian prediction in threshold autoregressive models with exponential white noisePereira, IMS; Amaral-Turkman, MA
2014Beach morphology and shoreline evolution: monitoring and modelling medium-term responses (Portuguese NW coast study site)Baptista, P.; Coelho, C.; Pereira, C.; Bernardes, C.; Veloso-Gomes, F.
showing results 268 to 287 of 3615
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